10 years of double plunger baler technology

  • Kuhn Farm Machinery is celebrating 10 years since the launch of its revolutionary TwinPact double plunger design for its large square balers

The technology has transformed the operation of its SB 1290 iD balers, allowing operators to produce high density, uniformed bales without increasing the load or strain on machine and operator. The result is 25% higher bale densities in dry crops compared with conventional balers.

Kuhn’s innovative TwinPact design splits the plunger into upper and lower sections connected via a triangle rod. The sections compact the bale in series during a complete plunger cycle, with greater force applied per surface area, while avoiding peak loads on the machine.

Kuhn’s grassland product specialist, Rhodri Jenkins, says the innovative design is still a key attraction for users. “The low power requirement from the TwinPact design, and the reduced ‘nodding’ impact that is synonymous with weighty plungers on big square balers, are features that users require on modern machines. The split double plunger allows us to produce bales of greater density without increasing the stress on the machine and is why more users are investing in a Kuhnlarge square baler.”

Despite the heavier bales, the load on the machine is comparable with a conventional 120 x 90 (4 x 3) baler, which eliminates the need for an oversized driveline, flywheel and main frame, along with a higher horsepower tractor to power the baler.

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