A new breed of skid steer loader. Green but tough from Kovaco Electric

Kovaco Electric has developed a new type of skid steer loader that is 100% electric, operates 8+ hours with one charge and has zero environmental impact. It also offers a wide range of applications due to the large range of attachments offered.

The company says that by removing all unnecessary features its products have become more user friendly, more control and maintenance intuitive and more future technology based.

The concept of simplicity has become one of our company’s goals and has since become part of its DNA.

Kovaco claim the launch of its first fully electric skid steer loader the Elise 900 is the world’s first fully electric skid loader.

Named after the creators’ daughter, the Elise 900 is 100% environmentally friendly. The loader can be driven manually by way of two in cab joysticks or remotely via a mobile phone supplied with the machine as standard or via an optional 433 Mhz two joystick control set.

The Kovaco Electric mobile phone application is available to download from the internet.

This application allows the mobile phone to be used as a remote dashboard when operating from outside the cab of the Elise 900 or as a conventional type dashboard when operating the machine whilst in the cab.

The display documents the speed at which the hydraulics and forward motion are set at (4 speeds), bucket self-levelling operations, battery usage and life as well as the 2 joystick control function when in “remote mode.”

Kovaco has made 2 battery types available to its customers to ideally suit all operations and budgets. The first battery (240Ah) affords the operator up to six hours of continuous operation and the second bigger battery (400 Ah) will allow usage of 8 hours and upwards. The bigger the battery the more the lift capacity. These batteries can be charged to 100% in 3.5 hours.

Depending upon battery size the Elise 900 has two operating weight-lifting capacities. The smaller version allows the operator to move loads of up to 900 Kg and the second 1400 Kg.

As well as helping to save the environment, the Elise 900 provides a solution to operations whereby fuel emissions and noise levels are an issue.
As there are only electrical motors in the machine service costs are set to a minimum and diesel costs have been completely eliminated. Operational cost savings vs a conventional loader are dramatic and will pay for the machine (subject to usage) within the first years of operation.

The Elise 900 has great stability featuring a proprietary self-levelling platform providing four hydraulic speeds that ensures flexibility, safety and works in conjunction with a series of gyro-sensors. Furthermore the Elise 900 has a tilt angle of 47 degrees a massive 10 degrees more than that of machines in the same sector. Combined with an industry leading chassis clearance these features provide a high safety factor for the driver and a comfortable ride.

With their background in heavy engineering Kovaco offers a vast array of boom mounted implements to include, shovels, concrete mixers, muck grabs, post hole drivers, log grabs and sweepers. With such a range Kovaco believes the Elise 900 can comfortably operate in all sectors of industry.

The company has also recently introduced the MINI Z Compact loader to their range of vehicles. Like its big sister it is 100% Electric, 100% ecological, maintenance free and can be controlled remotely making this the perfect machine for narrow access issues throughout all sectors of industry.

The MINI Z is perfect for work in compact areas due to its compact dimensions. There are also over 40 different attachments on offer including loading shovels, sweeper brushes, brush cutters and flail mowers.

With a maximum battery life of 8 hours, robust track heavy duty construction and 400kg lift capacity this machine lends itself perfectly to agriculture, amenities, construction, horticulture and remote access projects.

Same as the Elise 900 the MINI Z can be remotely controlled by a two stick controller with a tertiary display screen that operates within a radius of 50 m

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