A new mower for alpine terrain

Pöttinger’s new Novacat F Alpin mower combines strength with lightweight construction

  • Suitable for working on steep slopes
  • More can be operated with lightweight tractors

With the new NOVACAT F ALPIN mowers, the grassland professional combines strength with lightweight construction and suitability for working on steep slopes. The engineers have succeeded in keeping the machine weight to 400 kg for a working width of 2.20 metres, 450 kg for 2.62 metres, and 490 kg for 3.04 metres. Together with the compact design, this enables the mowers to be operated with lightweight tractors and twin axle mowers.

The compact design of these mowers has been achieved by integrating the drive train into the frame of the NOVACAT F ALPIN. The input gearbox is located in the main frame of the mower. The centre of gravity is only 350 mm in front of the mount-ing frame. Two diagonal support arms behind the outer mowing drums carry the cut-ter bar. The main frame is lengthened as a result and can be made narrower. This saves weight while maintaining perfect support.

The friction-locked driveline is protected within the frame. Power is reliably transmit-ted to the cutter bar by cardan shafts and gearboxes. Maintenance is also easy thanks to the access ports provided. As you would expect from our NOVACAT disc mowers, the driveline passes down the axis of the first drum. A maintenance-free constant velocity joint ensures tension-free connection here.

The new NOVACAT F ALPIN front mowers are attached to mid-mounts at the trac-tor’s centre of gravity. Centre-mounted leaf springs provide a freedom of movement of +/- 8 degrees. The cutter bar is stabilised by a push/pull strut when raised. This prevents the mower unit from swaying and makes it easier to drive over swaths, and provides greater stability during transport.

With a double-acting spool valve, the cutter bar can be shifted from side to side +/- 200 mm. No forage is driven over – even with dual wheels.

A special feature of the new NOVACAT F ALPIN series is that the cutter bar can easily be accessed from all sides. This is made possible by the generous and easy-to-operate safety guard: In just one move – similar to lifting a hood – the whole safety guard folds clear. Powerful gas struts provide assistance and hold the guard in the open position. This provides excellent access for changing blades and cleaning work.

Depending on the tractor, either Cat. 1 or Cat. 2 mountings can be used. The posi-tions for the top link and lower linkage can be flexibly adapted to the tractor hitch ge-ometry. The lower link pins are individually adjustable, both in height and horizontally to the cutter bar. The top link can be mounted in four positions. This means it can be mounted as close as possible to any vehicle.

Even with low-profile tractors, you get a perfect view of the mowing area from the operator’s cab. The low headstock, the outward-sloping safety guard and the drive train integrated into the main frame make this possible.

High strength combined with lightweight construction and innovative details for the best quality forage, these are the key features of the new NOVACAT F ALPIN front mowers from Pöttinger.