Accurate spraying innovations at the Cereals Event

  • Knight Farm Machinery’s latest innovations give operators confidence they can achieve totally accurate spraying while also ensuring they meet all relevant environmental standards

The “Vario Select” system ensures totally even spraying performance even when working on curved routes, around in-field obstructions and on field margins.

It uses a combination of four different nozzles at each spray point to offer up to 16 application rates, typically from zero to 800 litres/minute.

When the machine turns the gyroscope measures the severity of the turn and adjusts spray levels across the boom.

On the inside of the machine, where the boom is travelling slower – application rates get progressively lower while on the outer side, which is going faster, they are progressively raised.

It also uses a simple computerised nozzle selector so operators can dial in the target rate, droplet size, minimum and maximum pressures and working speeds:

“They can also ask the system to recommend the best choice of nozzles for any particular job”, says Brian Knight.

“It enables the machine to ‘spot spray’, with the volume of spray applied being changed according to the severity of the weed, pest or disease problem”.

“Active Rinse” supplies fresh water to key parts of the sprayer to ensure totally efficient use of chemicals while minimising the amount of chemical solution in the plumbing.

At the end of spraying the system can flush the boom and pipework with clean water and return the washings to the main tank, making moving between fields and on the road much safer.

An optional ‘air blow out’ can evacuate all liquid from the pipework and boom to offer an extra level of protection.

The system meets an urgent need says Brian: “The NSTS testing scheme continues to report leaks and drips as the leading fault in sprayers being tested, and unlike other faults, the level of problems is not reducing.

“Customers report that the system, which can clean and flush the sprayer at the end of each tank load, can help prolong the working life of the sprayer, help cut the risk of leaks and drips and help farmers meet their environmental commitments”.

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