AGCO Introduces All-New Challenger MT800 Series Track Tractors

AGCO introduces the all-new Challenger® MT800 Series track tractors. Building on proven innovations from AGCO’s 30 years of experience in track tractors, these machines boast new engine and transmission combinations, an enhanced track and chassis system, more hydraulic and hitch options and a redesigned operator-friendly cab. In fact, MT800 Series tractors, equipped with the AccuDrive™ powertrain, are the most powerful two-track tractors available with a stepless transmission.

“AGCO is excited to introduce the long-anticipated new Challenger MT800 Series track tractors to our loyal Challenger customers throughout North America,” says David Soliday, AGCO senior tactical marketing manager.

“They’ve been asking for improved efficiency in a high-horsepower track tractor with the benefits of flotation and the ease of a stepless transmission. The new MT800 Series is a great addition to the Challenger line of track tractors and a perfect example of AGCO’s commitment to serve the producers who require a proven, dependable high-horsepower tractor to pull today’s heavy tillage and planting implements.”

Whether the task at hand is deep ripping, subsoiling, installing tile or high-speed planting, the MT800 Series offers the power to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Producers can choose from among four models in the MT800 Series, all of which run reliable and proven engines by MAN. The MT851 (511 HP), MT856 (564 HP) and MT862 (618 HP) are powered by MAN 15.2-liter, 6-cylinder diesel engines, whereas the MT867 (673 HP) is equipped with a MAN 16.2-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine. Both power plants utilize a low engine speed approach that creates high torque even at lower speeds. AccuDrive allows for an engine speed range of 1,000 to 1,700 rpm, providing maximum torque from 1,100 to 1,450 rpm.

The Challenger Accu-VT™ continuously variable transmission (CVT) is engineered to optimize the benefits of track tractors. Accu-VT can achieve ground speed from 65 feet per hour to as much as 25 mph, all at reduced engine speed. The Tractor Management System (TMS) automatically controls engine speed and transmission ratio to ensure constant ground speed.

“The Accu-VT allows producers to pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions with maximum torque and minimum fuel usage,” Soliday says. “The transmission continually adjusts to optimize fuel consumption based on load. When no torque is needed, fuel savings are even more significant.”

Challenger MT800 Series tractors, which will be available in 2021 in North America,  come with a two-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty.



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