Agribumper product range gets new importer and distributor in the UK

  • Lynx Engineering has been appointed by Netherlands-based Safertractors bv as their importer and distributor in the UK and Ireland for the company’s Agribumper product range

Agribumper is a variable front weight and tractor bumper system that combines highly versatile ballast solutions with significantly enhanced on-road visibility and safety. The product range is extensive, spanning 4 different weight systems and weight options from 350 to 2000kg across more than 60 models including front-linkage mounted weights as well as product lines that leave the front linkage and PTO free for use.

Lynx will be debuting the range on their stands at the forthcoming Balmoral, Cereals and Royal Highland shows. The products on display will include examples from the Agribumper Baseline and Fronthitch Line product groups.

Both ranges give other road users more visual awareness of a tractor on the road and its width by means of daytime running lights, indicators, width marker poles and reflector chevrons.

The Baseline system is designed to fit around a tractor’s front linkage leaving the arms free to be used for implement lifting and carrying. The Baseline framework also accepts special add-on weights to ballast the tractor front axle for better in-field traction and performance. Weights available range from 350 to 1000kg for medium size tractors in the 100-240hp class.

The Agribumper Fronthitch Line is a new, compact, steel-encased, 65-litre toolbox weight fitted to the tractor’s front linkage. Using similar variable density technology as other weights in the Lynx range, the size of the weight does not change. Ideally suited to tractors anywhere between 100 to 500hp, weight options range from 400 up to 1000kg in 200kg increments.

Other Agribumper lines to be offered by Lynx include the Weightline system comprising permanently mounted weights from 400 to 2000kg with usable front linkage and PTO for tractors in the 160 to 500hp range and the front-linkage mounted Toolbox Line featuring a 145-litre cargobox and variable front weights in the range 400 to 1800kg. Both ranges come with the visibility pack including LED daytime running lights.

Commenting on this latest appointment and addition to the Lynx product portfolio, managing director, Nick Ewbank, said: “Agribumper is an excellent complement to our existing range of front-mounted weights. Variable front weights and the ability to add weight leaving the front linkage and PTO free to use gives the farmer real flexibility.”

“The Agribumper system is mounted closer to the tractor than any other front weight block, so it doesn’t make the tractor longer than necessary,” he added. “Without doubt, the visibility and safety features which come as standard across the Agribumper range, make an important contribution to road safety. As modern tractors continue to get bigger, heavier and faster, being seen quickly by other road users in all weather conditions, day or night, is a potentially life-saving consideration.”

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