Alliance 585 Tires Become a Factory Option for the Manitou MLT NewAg Telehandlers

The Alliance 585 tire range has been officially homologated by Manitou as an option for the manufacturer’s range of MLT NewAg telehandlers.

This tire option in size 460/70R24 is already available from factory on MLT NewAg and NewAg XL ranges.

“Alliance 585 tires are now available on many models of the MLT NewAg and NewAg XL ranges. These tires respond to an increased demand from customers who are looking for tires suitable for the challenging usage on hard surfaces”, says Camille Rouvrais, Global Product Manager (MLT).

Alliance Tire Group (Yokohama Off-Highway Tires as of 2021) has been already recognized by Manitou as The Supplier of the Year (2019) and adding another Alliance tire to the factory’s options further proves a steady partnership between both companies.

Efficiency, versatility and reliability are key

Just as the Manitou MLT NewAg telehandlers are designed for maximum efficiency and versatility, this is also true for the Alliance 585 tire range. “We see growing tendencies towards machines used for versatile tasks and operations, i.e. machines that are used in various surroundings for loading and unloading, all kinds of tasks on farm yards as well as road transport on a day by day or even hour by hour basis. This requires machines that offer true versatility – such as telehandlers – and this also requires tires that deliver a perfect job whatever the circumstances are. That is exactly what the Alliance 585 stands for”, summarises Kristoff Van der Burght, Head of OEM, Europe, at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires.