Anniversary year for slurry specialist

  • Slurry equipment manufacturer and contractor Tramspread is still seeing increasing demand after 25 years for its contractor engine driven pump unit (EDPU)
  • The Suffolk based company is also celebrating 15 years production of its popular random wrap hose reel.

“Tramspread started umbilical contracting 25 years ago with a single axle EDPU that enabled one tractor to carry everything needed. Following the introduction of the random wrap hose reel, our contracting trailers were modified to carry 1000 metres of detachable hose reel spool and were equipped with a front 3-point linkage allowing us to carry the random wrap reel coupled with a further 1000m of hose on the front of the tractor,” said managing director Terry Baker.

The contractor trailer evolved to a twin axle model which was introduced in 2012. It has an extended chassis enabling it to carry two, 1000 metre, detachable hose reel spools and, if needed, a further 1000 metres on the front 3-point linkage to provide a total of 3000 metres.

Using the contractor trailer, Tramspread Contracting Ltd applies over 450,000 cubic metres of slurry and digestate, with up to 70% being applied in the spring as a top dressing. “All slurry applications are monitored and recorded using John Deere’s Green Star, a Krone flow meter and Ravenbox software linked to the tractor’s ISOBUS. This allows us to record the applied rate per hectare and total cubic metres applied. With the use of an AGROS N testing kit we can also advise our customers of the applied available nitrogen per hectare too,” explains Mr Baker.

In 2007 Tramspread manufactured the first random wrap hose reel after Mr Baker had seen similar units being used in Holland. The reel is made with a twin hydraulic motor drive and drop out spools. “This allows one 3-point linkage frame to handle many spools, making it very cost effective. The spool has a capacity of 1000 metres of both 4 and 5 inch drag hose,” he says.

At the same time, Tramspread introduced Storz hose end couplings, which revolutionised the laying out and picking up of the drag hose. “The combination of Storz couplings and the power of the twin hydraulic motors enabled 600 metres to 800 metres of drag hose to be reeled in one length. This removed the need to couple and uncouple every 200-metre length of hose which is necessary with a segmented conventional hose reeler,” he concludes.