Articulated telehandler boasts more comfort, stability and agility

  • Analysing the market demands, in synergy with the rental network distributed worldwide, DIECI has developed the new Pivot T80 high-performance articulated telehandler, providing even more comfort, stability, and agility

The new T80 articulated telehandler joins the well-established T60 and T70 models, increasing their performance. Ideal for all those companies that need an even more reliable and efficient vehicle, the T80 surpasses the performance of the T70.

It offers an increased loading capacity of 3.5t, a higher maximum power of up to 11k kW, an increased hydraulic pump which offers greater travel speed and acceleration and a flow sharing hydraulic distributor that can  perform several activities simultaneously.

Dieci claim the Pivot T80 exceeds the standards already set by its predecessors, increasing the possibilities of use. Furthermore, by equipping the machine with compatible equipment, it is possible to access even more uses, further optimising the investment.

The winning feature of the Pivot articulated telehandler is that it combines all the manoeuvrability and practicality of a wheel loader with telehandlers’ loading and handling capacity. What distinguishes these vehicles, in addition to their operational features, is the level of comfort that is fundamental in improving and facilitating working conditions.

The research, conception and careful design carried out by DIECI thus offers a machine capable of providing an optimised experience from the very first use. The operator can thus immediately obtain all the advantages guaranteed by the Pivot T80, using it at maximum performance.

The articulated telehandler is a vehicle that owes its origins to listening to the market demands. This solution is designed for all those agricultural, construction and recycling companies looking for maximum manoeuvrability and ease of use, as well as excellent loading and lifting performance.

Today, the Pivot range, consisting of the T60, T70 and T80, is a compact and robust solution, suitable for tight work cycles.

A wide range of accessories, including those designed for wheel loaders and those designed for telehandlers, that allow these vehicles to meet specific usage requirements, such as road works, snow removal, logistics operations and several other applications.

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