Bednar launches new generation cultivator

  • New Chisel dipper is designed for quality processing of the soil profile
  • Aimed at intensive shallow tillage after harvest

The FENIX FO_PROFI deep cultivator is a new generation cultivator for intensive shallow tillage after harvest and deep tillage up to 35 centimeters before the establishment of stands.

The semi-mounted FENIX FO_PROFI cultivator offers a four-row arrangement of individual husks in the shape of an arrow.  Bednar claims its well-thought-out design solution reduces traction resistance and demands on the tractor’s performance.

To achieve optimal traction properties of the towing vehicle, the FENIX FO_PROFI can be equipped with a tractor rear axle traction booster.

All the models in the range have a four-row arrangement of husks. Individual husks are sufficiently far apart, both in a row and between individual rows allowing the FENIX FO_PROFI high throughput even when processing land with a large amount of post-harvest residues, organic matter (slurry, manure) or intercropping.

The cultivator is characterized by a low need for traction force, thanks to the appropriate position of the individual husks in relation to the soil, which reduces traction resistance. The arrow-shaped distribution of husks guarantees the gradual penetration of individual husks into the soil and excellent processing throughout the machine’s reach.

The FENIX FO_PROFI now offers several types of securing: shear screw securing, non-stop  two-spring horizontal securing (switching force 480 kg) or comfortable hydraulic securing (switching force 550 kg).

The integrated axle located between the working blades enables the machine to work without a rear rammer (additional blades work behind the transport wheels). In case of wet conditions, it is possible to simply put the rammers out of operation and process the soil without compaction. This advantage can also be used when preparing the soil for the winter season, when it is usually not necessary or appropriate to roll the soil.

The FENIX FO_PROFI can be equipped with a whole range of working bodies, depending on the nature of the soil or the requirements. Behind the four rows of husks is the covering section, which can be equipped with levelling covers or covering discs, controlled mechanically or conveniently hydraulically from the tractor cabin. For perfect soil alignment, it can also be equipped with a Crushbar skid in front of the rear packers.

It can be equipped with four types of chisels, which can be used to adapt the machine for deep cultivator or shallow mulch after harvest. The correctly selected type of working chisel is also important due to the nature of the soil to be worked on or the time of year. Chisels with a width of 80 and 60 mm are available, or 80 and 40 mm chisels in the LONG LIFE version fitted with carbide blades for greater resistance.

Support wheels are provided for perfect copying of the terrain. The support wheels ensure that the land will be evenly processed at the set working depth in the entire working range of the machine.

The rear rammers are equipped with a parallelogram, which ensures perfect copying of the terrain and adherence to the set working depth. The rear rammers are thus not part of the supporting frame, as is the case with many competing machines.