Big leap forward for CLAAS square balers

  • CLAAS has re-engineered its QUADRANT square balers for increased output and maximum durability
  • Among other things, the new QUADRANT EVOLUTION now has a new HD pick-up
  • The CLAAS QUADRANT is Germany’s top-selling square baler
  • For the 2022 product year, the QUADRANT 5000 and QUADRANT 4200 series have been given a comprehensive technical upgrade along with the additional designation evolution

The highlight of the QUADRANT EVOLUTION is the new HD pick-up with two cam tracks. This unique design guarantees maximum torsional resistance and exceptional robustness. Furthermore, wear costs have been reduced by increasing the use of highly resilient components borrowed from the CLAAS JAGUAR pick-up and by reworking and strengthening bearings, intake panels and other parts. This has the added bonus of smoother running with reduced noise levels.

The mechanically driven pick-up with five rows of tines and 18 double tines per row has also been tweaked to increase throughput and further improve raking quality. The extra row of tines allows the pick-up to rotate more slowly, while the speed of the POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS) roller has been increased. The feed roller has also been given extra paddles which can be removed when harvesting long-stalked crops. The spring-mounted PFS feed roller compensates for uneven swaths. The overall objective of the innovations is to enhance raking performance and throughput while ensuring gentle, loss-free crop pick-up. To handle the higher throughput volumes, the diameter of the pick-up main drive shaft has been enlarged. Semiautomatic chain tensioning ensures reliable pick-up drive and automatic lubrication and a 6.3 l oil reservoir is fitted as standard.

The bale chamber has also undergone performance-enhancing modifications. The top section incorporating the top plate and side panels has been redesigned and strengthened to produce an even better bale shape and slightly higher bale density. Furthermore, factory-fitted sides knives and deflectors reduce material build-up in the ram guide area when baling – further increasing operational safety and reducing the cleaning effort. The knives also help to produce a smooth side to the bale removing the impression left by the ram bearing channel.

The speed of response of the automatic baling pressure control (APC) has also been increased and it is also more sensitive to twine tension or load in the intake area.

The use of new HD ram bearings as a CLAAS UK standard, combined with the new pick-up with cam tracks on both sides and the simplified maintenance, means the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the QUADRANT EVOLUTION has been greatly reduced once again. In an internal test involving 40,000 bales per machine under extreme conditions in some cases, this showed that the new design combined with the more wear-resistant components was found to reduce wear by up to 40 percent.