Breakthrough Trade Deal agreed with EU

  • Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) welcomes trade deal between UK and EU
  • Deal provides security that business will continue with tariff and quota free access to the market

“We welcome this breakthrough trade deal between the UK and EU”, said Robert Sheasby Chief Executive at the AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) the trade body for the agri-supply sector.

Business finally has clarity for the first time in four and a half years with a deal that provides the certainty that business will continue with tariff and quota free access to the market.  This is vastly better than the talked of Australian agreement in recent days. This broad loose alignment will ensure that trade between the UK and EU can continue with little or no disruption from the 1st January.

“This is a better deal than I had anticipated even a week ago”, concludes Mr Sheasby, “and means business has some clarity from which it can now start to plan. Removing the risk of tariff barriers will be very welcome for AIC members and their customers; UK farmers and processors. However, we must recognise that this agreement could introduce new trade barriers with the EU, most notably on exports of products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Once we have been able to scrutinise relevant draft texts of the deal, we will provide further advice, in both briefing and webinar formats and of course remain closely engaged with Government throughout this process”.

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