Budget conscious combi hits the market

  • Amazone is offering the new Cataya Special EcoLine as an attractively priced entry into the world of Amazone seed drill combinations, thereby rounding off the lower end of the Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill product range

The new version follows in the footsteps of the time-tested AD harrow-mounted seed drill.

The last AD 3000 Super rolled off the production line at the end of last year. Its success story began more than 30 years ago in 1988, when the AD became part of the modular system for seed drill combinations.

The new Cataya 3000 Special EcoLine comes in a predetermined specification at a special price but which still offers high performance and reliability in this segment. The harrow-mounted seed drill has a working width of 3 m and features a 650 l seed hopper with a large opening for quick and loss-free filling.

The 24 maintenance-free, RoTeC single disc coulters, with a row spacing of 12.5 cm, ensure precise seed placement. The sowing disc and furrow former create the ideal seed furrow profile to ensure the optimum seed placement into the soil. The Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevents the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, thereby ensuring that the pre-selected sowing depth is precisely maintained. The Exact harrow is supplied as standard. It provides even seed coverage and also ensures blockage-free operation when mulch sowing with large amounts of straw.

The AmaLog+ in-cab terminal aids the driver in changing the tramline rhythm. Other functions include field and total area hectare meters, fill level control and speed monitoring of the mechanical drive. Rear lights ensure safe road transport, even at night.

Calibration is carried out via the centralised SmartCenter settings centre located on the left-hand side of the machine. All the adjustments are clearly displayed on a sticker here. The metering unit is preselected via a handle which adjusts the bottom flap to the various seed types and seed rates. The driver can set the machine to calibration or sowing via a second lever. This adjusts a flap in the metering unit which conveys the seed either to the coulters or to the calibration trays. The two calibration trays can be easily removed from underneath the SmartCenter. The calibration kit is completed by the inclusion of a sturdy folding bucket and weigh scales with an illuminated digital display. Both are stored under the hopper lid when not in use to save space. The land wheel can remain in the parking position during the calibration procedure.

The new Precis metering system with a high level of operational comfort and reduced set-up times is at the heart of the Cataya Special EcoLine. The shutter slides, with 2 locking positions, facilitate a quick changeover from normal seed to fine seed and vice versa. The integrated outlet funnels in the seed hopper that result in minimum residual amounts are also new. They prevent bridging between the outlets and facilitate easy cleaning of the tank. The system also includes centrally adjustable calibration flaps that make it possible to switch the seed drill quickly and easily over from sowing to calibration mode. The seed shaft is driven mechanically via the land wheel drive.

Thanks to the QuickLink quick release coupling system, the seed drill can be easily and quickly combined with the KE Rotamix rotary harrow or the KX Cultimix and KG Cultimix rotary cultivators without the need for tools.

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