Case Axial-Flow 4088 combine put to the test in tough African conditions

Case IH’s Axial-Flow 4088 combine harvester has been put through its paces during field trials in Kenya. Using a Case IH 20-foot rigid header, the combine was tested in wheat, barley, canola, and sorghum, and was also tested in maize using a six-row maize header.

The Axial-Flow 4088 was tested for 150 hours in each crop, performing exceptionally and delivering good grain quality across the board. Of particular note was the maize sample, with less than one percent cracked grain recorded.

Excessive rain in Kenya made conditions extremely difficult for the wheat harvest, however the wet crop was no problem for the Axial-Flow 4088.

The results of  all  tests  confirmed  this  model  of  combine  is  well-suited  to  tough  African conditions.

The five different customers who tested the Axial-Flow 4088 particularly liked that it was simple and easy to operate.

Compared with conventional straw walker combines, maintenance in the Axial-Flow, with its rotary threshing system, was quick and easy. Daily maintenance was conducted in considerably less time than it would take for a conventional harvester, so the Axial-Flow 4088 was in the field and ready to go earlier each day.

One customer who tested the Axial-Flow 4088 was a large-scale farmer who currently uses three of Case IH’s larger Axial-Flow 140 Series combines. He was impressed by the capacity of the Axial-Flow 4088 model and would highly recommend it for the emerging farmer sector.  The other four customers involved in the field tests were emerging farmers, who agreed that the Axial-Flow 4088 is a simple, robust combine giving exceptional grain quality.


“The simple design of the Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines allows them to be adapted quickly to suit changing harvesting requirements, field conditions and crops, making them the perfect choice for contractors and farmers with multiple crops,” said Massimiliano Sala, Product Manager for Combine Harvesters in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

“Owners can move from corn, to wheat, to sorghum in hours, compared with almost two days for conventional or hybrid combines, so more time is spent harvesting and seasonal output is increased.

“Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines are also very easy to use, so even operators who are new to the Axial-Flow concept can quickly learn how to harness their full potential,” Mr Sala said.

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