Cereals 2022 – the place to see what’s new in the Amazone world

  • Amazone Ltd will be using this year’s Cereals event as the spring-board for all things new in regard to crop establishment
  • On show at Chrishall Grange in June will be new additions to the drill combination range in the shape of the Centaya-C 3000 Super along with the new shallow tine cultivator, the Cobra 6000-2TX, the Ceus 3000 trailed disc & tine combination cultivator
  • In the Sprays & Sprayer arena will be the big capacity UX 8601 Super trailed sprayer along with the recently introduced Pantera 4504 and the 3,500 litre wrap around, fully-integrated front and back tank, UF 2002

The new, Cobra 6000-2TX  intensive shallow tine cultivator comes in working widths of 6 m and 7 m and utilises the standard semi-trailed TX frame format of swivel drawbar and braked, central running gear for perfect weight distribution, tight headland turns and safe, comfortable, high-speed travel on the road.

Consisting of 8 rows of tines at a tine to tine spacing of 13.3 cm, a tip to tip clearance of 80 cm and a frame height of 60 cm, it means that the Cobra is well capable of handling copious amounts of surface crop residues and high forward speeds without fear of blockage. Depth control is carried out utilising the forward-mounted support wheels and the rear packer rollers and this works on a parallelogram-guided system that links the front and back so that the rear rollers, or the optional double harrow, provide an even ground pressure at any working depth. Depth control can be manual or on the move from the tractor seat.

The ECO leaf spring tines can be equipped with a choice of narrow points or duck foot shares depending on the task in hand; when using the duck foot option, the tines have an overlap of nearly 9 cm. Maximum working depth is 13 cm. The Cobra can be specified with any one of 9 rear rollers or the double harrow.

The highlight of this new drill combination, the Centaya-C, is its 2,000 litre twin-chamber hopper. This makes it possible to apply several materials in one pass. The new Centaya-C Super is available in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 metres.

The 2,000 litre twin-chamber hopper can be divided in a ratio of either 60:40 or 70:30 depending on the customer’s requirements. The special profile and the positioning of the metal hopper close to the tractor ensure a low lifting power requirement. This new hopper means that the new Centaya-C Super now offers the option of sowing seed and fertiliser, two different seed varieties or companion and under sown crops in addition to the main cash crop.

These are of great benefit for weed suppression and for increasing erosion control and biodiversity. In addition, the simultaneous application of fertiliser is an efficient solution that leads to rapid seedling development and high field emergence. This sowing technique offers farmers and contractors a variety of establishment methods and a high degree of flexibility by the combination of seed and fertiliser. Moreover, fuel and time can be saved through a reduction in the number of passes.

The 400 mm RoTeC pro coulter enables the application of two media utilising the single-shoot process. In this case, the individually-metered media are brought together in the single disc coulter and fed to a single entry point using the same conveying system. This enables, for example, fertiliser to be placed directly in the row along with the grain.

In conjunction with the TwinTeC double disc coulter, it is even possible to apply two different seed types or seed and fertiliser at two different entry points utilising the double-shoot process. In this case, the first medium is embedded in the seed furrow via the TwinTeC coulter and the second medium is conveyed to an additional outlet on the TwinTeC coulter via a separate conveyor system and placed in the soil in front of the depth guidance roller. This offset placement means, for instance, that fertiliser can be used precisely, thereby ensuring a more comprehensive supply to the plant.

The Centaya-C Super can also be used in conjunction with the GreenDrill 200 catch crop drill for the simultaneous sowing of catch crops or fine seeds. This combination allows a third material to be applied to the soil surface via baffle plates. In this respect, the seed is fed directly from the 200 litre mounted hopper down to baffle plates behind the seed drill.

QuickLink quick coupling system

The Centaya-C Super harrow-mounted seed drill can be very easily and quickly connected without tools to the various Amazone soil tillage implements via the QuickLink quick coupling system. Depending on the soil conditions, it can be combined with the KE 02 rotary harrow models or the KG and KX rotary cultivators. The Centaya-C Super can also be combined with the CombiDisc compact disc harrow for use on very light soils.

Amazone will also show the new rigid model of its trailed Ceus disc & tine combination cultivator in 3 m working width. The successful combination of discs and tines can therefore also be used on smaller farm sizes and with tractors from 150 HP. The new Ceus 3000-TX is equipped with the TX central running gear and offers precision and versatility for both stubble and primary soil tillage, deep loosening and seedbed preparation.

The combination of discs and tines means that the Ceus produces a perfect mix at working speeds of up to 15 km/h. Straw, stubble or catch crops are finely shredded by the up-front discs and then, in conjunction with the following tine segment, the organic matter is evenly mixed, even where large quantities prevail. This combination of tools enables the Ceus to create the best conditions for rapid decomposition and excellent field emergence with minimal disease pressure on the following sowing operation.

Out in front of the public for the first time in Britain is the new UX 8601 Super, the largest of the new 8,000 and 9,000 litre, long body, single axle trailed sprayers in boom widths up to 42 m.

For the new models, the chassis and drawbar are formed in one piece and are designed to keep the payload on the axle to within the legal limits by transferring weight from the spray tank onto the tractor rear axle. The targeted weight distribution ensures the tractor has sufficient traction as well as relieving the weight on the axle. The 2.1 m track, 28° steering axle gives tight turning circles and perfect tracking using the AutoTrail system which keeps the sprayer on track, even across slopes.

The UX 7601 & 8601 utilise the new wet Amazone system with its Comfort-Pack plus touch-screen control panel and 60 litre, high-capacity induction bowl. The induction bowl has draw-out speeds of up to 200 l/min and will handle powders dry to ensure that the fill time of the sprayer is kept to the bare minimum. The operator experience has been well thought through with every function intuitive so as to be easy to sequence and stress-free. The automated filling processes ensure that the operator is able to maximise the time spraying and reduce the dead-time filling.

The maintenance-free Super-L3 boom, in widths from 0 m up to 42 m, offers the perfect solution to getting the active ingredient to the target. ContourControl boom guidance and SwingStop vibration damping iron out both horizontal and vertical boom movement; and with positive and negative geometry, any acute topography can also be followed at the right height above crop. The boom can be independently-folded to navigate telegraph poles and other obstacles without having to worry about the other boom. Irrespective of how many sections are folded in on one side, the other side stays level and above the target, fold a section in and the section control sorts the nozzle switch off automatically.

The AmaSelect individual nozzle control means savings of up to 5% on the chemical bill as well as reduced lodging and no areas of weed resistance caused by under-dosing.


The UX 8601 Super on the stand will be equipped with the innovative, Agritechnica award-winning DirectInject system.

The DirectInject system has enabled AMAZONE to offer a system of direct injection of plant protection agents which solves, for the first time, the conflicting goals described above. The injection of plant protection agents can be started or stopped during application as required. The special feature of DirectInject compared to conventional systems is the fast response time of the injection process and its complete integration into the spray liquid circuit and operation of the sprayer.

With DirectInject, it is possible to respond individually to the needs of the crop in the field, reducing the usage of plant protection agents as well as the number of additional passes with the sprayer. This saves time, money and protects the environment.

DirectInject consists of an additional 50 l tank with its own metering system, which is integrated into the storage compartment of the UX 01 Super on the right-hand side of the machine. This means that the tank is also easily accessible from the ground and can be filled safely. The integration of these components into the storage compartment also provides optimum protection for all the equipment.

With many more innovations in precision seeding, fertiliser application, spraying and inversion tillage on the AMAZONE Stand 848 there is also plenty to come and talk about on our usual plot by the Sprays & Sprayers arena.