CLAAS unveil completely new range of two- and four-rotor LINER rakes

  • CLAAS has introduced a complete new range of LINER twin- and four-rotor rakes, which incorporate many new features and functions. These include the availability of ACTIVE FLOAT ground pressure adjustment on the two largest twin-rotor LINER models and a complete redesign for the three new four-rotor models

The range of next-generation of four-rotor rakes has three completely redesigned models. The distinctive features of this new range include a low transport height, excellent ground-contour following by the rotors and ease of handling.

CLAAS has long been a leading supplier of rotary rakes and the revamped portfolio for 2022 features three newly updated four-rotor rakes with working widths from 9.30 metres up to 15 metres. Resigned from the ground up, these new models offer numerous innovative features and unique functions to make life easier for users and guarantee premium forage quality combined with high work rates.

The backbone of the new LINER models is the main frame made from high-strength steel with a geometry resembling that of a telescopic crane. The enormous cross-section combined with the trapezoid profile absorbs forces evenly to guarantee exceptional stability, as proven by extensive endurance tests performed both on the test rig and in the field. The control block, electronics module and hydraulic valves are located on the inside of the chassis, where they are well protected.

Unlike the previous models, the telescopic arms extend and retract by mean of a three stage patented system comprising of a C profile and slide rails, enabling very rapid adjustment of the working width. On the BUSINESS models the arms can be retracted individually and on the TREND models in pairs. All models provide generous ground clearance and a large clearance height.

Working widths can be adjusted by 3.40 to 4.90 m depending on the model, with working widths across the entire series ranging from 9.30 to 15 m. Swath widths can be adjusted from 1.30 – 2.20 m (LINER 4700), 1.40 – 2.40 m (LINER 4800) and 1.40 – 2.50 m (LINER 4900). On the BUSINESS models the swath width can be hydraulically adjusted using the control terminal, making it very easy for the driver.

On the TREND model, the swath width can be adjusted in transport position without tools using a spring-loaded lever and hole matrix.

CLAAS’s range of twin-rotor LINER rakes has been updated with the introduction of seven new models with simplified controls.  Two BUSINESS models with ACTIVE FLOAT rotor suspension complete the new range.

Like their predecessors, the latest generation LINER twin-rotor rakes offer excellent ground-contour following for clean raking with low forage contamination. The GRASS CARE rotor guidance system ensures that the rotors are actively suspended during operation. When the rotor arms are lowered, the rear rotor wheels touch down first, producing a ‘jet-effect’ that prevents the tines from digging in and damaging the grass sward. The BUSINESS models are equipped with individual rotor lift operated by preselection on the terminal as standard; this function is optionally available for spool valve operation on the TREND versions.

The LINER 2600 and 2700 are fitted with a four-wheel chassis as standard, while the LINER 2800, 2900 and 3100 come with a six-wheel chassis.  The wheels are positioned close to the circle of rotation of the tines to ensure smooth rotor guidance and optimum ground-contour following. The front two chassis wheels are steerable. With the 6 wheel system, the rear rotor wheels are replaced with pendulum axles.

The chassis design pulls the rotors across the field which combined with the floating cardan suspension with generous three-dimensional rotational movement, ensures outstanding ground-contour following even on uneven ground. This provides optimum raking performance with minimal forage contamination.

The rake height can be easily read off the scale on the rotor’s central shaft and quickly adjusted by means of a crank handle on the rotors. Hydraulic rotor height adjustment is also optionally available for the dual-rotor swathers with central swathing. With the LINER 2900 and 2800 BUSINESS, the height of each rotor can be controlled separately using the preselection function on the ergonomic CEMIS 10 control unit and then actuating the tractor spool valve. As an option, the TREND version of the LINER dual-rotor swather can be supplied with hydraulic rotor height adjustment with direct spool valve control.