Compact sprayers with premium features

John Deere has developed two new mid-range trailed sprayers, designated the R700i Series. Premium features of the R732i and R740i models are precision and intelligent technology.

The trend for plant protection sprayers is not only for larger tank volumes and wider booms. Farmers and contractors are also asking for higher accuracy, reduced chemical use and more comfort when filling and operating the sprayer. John Deere’s R900i Series trailed range and R4100 Series self-propelled sprayers are leading in this area, and with the new R700i models this technology is now entering the mid-range sprayer segment.

The R732i and R740i are available with tank capacities of 3200 and 4000 litres respectively and booms from 18 to 30m, with premium features including the proven PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system. This reduces filling times, improves spray application and increases accuracy.

PowrSpray has two hydraulically driven pumps on separate circuits. The self-priming filling pump fills the solution tank at up to 600 litres/min within seven minutes, while the 750-litre/min spraying pump delivers high output and exceptional spray accuracy. With this system, the spray pressure regulator has been eliminated. Instead, direct rate control reacts to changes in spraying speed or target application rate by adjusting the speed of the pump. The fast response time is enabled by a load-sensing hydraulic pump drive.

Both these new sprayers can also be equipped with an individual nozzle control system. This electronic solution allows customers to save up to five per cent of the cost of plant protection products, which is worth about €6 per hectare.

Other features include a new multi-functional control lever and the Solution Command operator station. Both enable users to control the sprayer more easily and comfortably. In addition to the standard integrated displays, the R700i Series sprayers are ISOBUS-ready and can be operated with the tractor’s GreenStar 4240 and 4640 displays. As a result, all precision ag applications such as Section Control, AutoTrac automatic steering and AutoTrac Vision can be used.

Using Wireless Data Transfer, application data can be exchanged between machines and the farm office, or even shared with third parties. Using this cloud-based platform, farmers can access and manage all the data and files related to their spraying applications, even more so since ISOXML data files can now be used in the Operations Centre. In addition, with the related MyOperations app customers can manage their data from any internet-enabled device no matter where they are.

The new R700i Series trailed sprayers are also available with a closed transfer system (CTS) ready option. This makes it easier to connect the sprayer’s filling station to any closed transfer system and avoid any contact with plant protection liquids, for maximum operator safety.

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