Compact Tigo offers dual use

Fendt now offers 14 models of Tigo forage wagon with capacities of 22 to 45 cubic metres. The Tigo’s advantage is that it can achieve these capacities with a wagon that is up to 20% shorter than its rivals and still double up as a transport wagon.

The compact design incorporates an innovative bulkhead above the loading unit to carry up to six cubic metres more capacity without adding to the overall length of the wagon. “This makes our wagons approximately one metre shorter than others in the market. The high payload capacity, lightweight construction and compact design give farmers and contractors a more manoeuvrable wagon that is more efficient,” explains Dan Woodward, Fendt Tigo sales engineer.

The multi-functional bulkhead has an intelligent automatic load and unload system that is easily adjustable. “As the wagon fills, the bulkhead automatically swings open to carry an additional six cubic metres without the operator having to continually monitor capacity. This makes reaching full capacity easier and safer for the operator because there is no need to continually turn around to monitor the wagon,” says Mr Woodward.

The Tigo has also been designed for dual use without the need for a manual conversion or cable adjustment. “With no intervention these wagons can be used as a loading wagon or a transport wagon. This is because the pick-up is 80 centimetres off the ground which enables easy transition between fields. It’s a huge time saver and also makes the Tigo more versatile, especially for a contractor,” says Mr Woodward.

The pick-up is automatically controlled by a swing angle sensor. The swath is therefore picked up cleanly, even in undulating fields. This large pick-up opening enables a consistent and constant flow which reduces time consuming, and potentially damaging, blockages. “There is no need to move the drawbar manually on hilly ground which will make life easier for a lot of UK farmers and contractors,” says Mr Woodward.

The Fendt Tigo boasts the smallest cutting gap of any forage wagon. “The very low gap of just 3.5mm combined with the rotor tines of up to 1150mm makes the Tigo the most precise machine on the market and ensures that forage is handled carefully and efficiently to protect the sward and maximise the cut,” concludes Mr Woodward.

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