Company expands its range of mechanical weeding solutions

  • KRM (Keith Rennie Machinery Ltd) has announced an expansion in its range of mechanical weeding solutions from European leaders Carré, with the addition of the Pressius, a precision harrow which compliments the range of comb harrows currently on offer.

Since first partnering with Carré in 2019, KRM have been gradually expanding the range of mechanical weeding solutions on offer, initially focusing on the Econet range of inter-row hoes, which are now well established in the market. The company now offers the full range of mechanical hoes, rotary hoes and comb harrows from the French experts.

The Pressius completes the wide range of CARRÉ comb harrows, which already includes the Sarclerse, Sarclerse Control and the Trailed Sarclerse. The new Pressius model allows optimum work in both pre-emergence and full crop, and can work on most crops at different growth stages.

Its adaptive frame with its unique tine module and adjustable pressure allows you to work on the most sensitive crops and in all soil types. Its patented tine module is made of a high-performance, glass-fibre reinforced composite to guarantee high mechanical resistance and durability.

This new range of comb harrows is distinguished by its front control wheels and its 2 pivoting rear wheels. This stable platform allows fine and accurate adjustments to be made and maintained as the machine follows the contours of the land.

The Pressius comes as standard with a hydraulic adjustment system that allows you to adjust the pressure of the tines from 100g to 5kg from the tractor cab, to suit crop and field conditions.

In order to guarantee the best compromise between lateral rigidity and vibration for quality weed control, 8mm tines with 28mm of pitch are used. These are distributed across 6 rows which ensures the elimination of the maximum number of weeds without any risk of blockage.

The new Pressius guarantees the same quality of work from the tines, whatever their working height thanks to the innovative spring pressure system. The attack angle of the tine on the soil has been designed to favour the exposure of weed roots and the de-structuring of ridges.

Model available from 1.80m to 15.40m wide.

KRM will be exhibiting the new Pressius at the Cereals event in June.

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