Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid tyre wins DLG approval

  • The Continental very high flexion (VF) Hybrid pattern tyre is superior to a standard pattern improved flexion (IF) tyre with a fish bone tread pattern
  • The Continental Hybrid tyre offers labour and fuel savings
  • The Hybrid tyre becomes the second to receive a DLG approval after the TractorMaster was tested in 2019

The Continental VF Hybrid tyre has won the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) test series, “Agricultural tyres for tractors – Efficiency assessment of premium tyres”. The Continental TractorMaster Hybrid was compared with another hybrid tyre from a reputable manufacturer and an IF model (Improved Flexion) with a fishbone tread pattern. The DLG stated that hybrid tyres have “great potential in terms of fuel and time savings by doing the same work faster.”

Commenting on the test result Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager Agricultural Tyres at Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres said: “This result highlights how the new generation of Continental tyres, manufactured at a purpose-built facility in Lousado, Portugal since 2017, are more efficient for a wide range of agricultural work and represent a valuable investment for operators looking for agricultural advantage.”

In the test DLG assessed the efficiency of premium branded tyres and demonstrated that the Continental tyre, “transmitted significantly higher traction to the ground, than a premium brand IF tyre with a traditional tread pattern.”

A standout benefit was the improvement in fuel consumption. The VF technology of the hybrid tyre demonstrated the capacity to carry 40% more load at the same pressure as a standard radial tyre, but with the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. A 1.8% fuel saving against the IF tyre, and a 0.4% saving over a competitor hybrid tyre, demonstrated that the Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid was the most fuel-efficient for the work carried out in the test on the field.

The block tread pattern also performed better at uphill work. The test report stated: “The lugs that help transmit the drive power to the ground are stiffer on the hybrid tyre. This means this tyre develops less mould slip. This in turn improves grip by one third.”

In the field test, the hybrid tyre delivered the maximum tractive performance, and the fuel consumption was the lowest of all the tyres tested. “We are pleased that the test confirmed the premium quality of our tyres. As part of our ‘Vision 2030’ strategy, we aim to further expand our agricultural tyre business. Our VF TractorMaster Hybrid is a good example of how engineering can help agriculture to reduce fuel consumption and the impact of heavy machines on the land,” concludes Benjamin Hübner.