Cost-effective solution to 2025 splash plate ban

  • Slurry specialist Tramspread has announced it will be working with farmers to help reduce the cost of complying with the government’s Clean Air Strategy that will see splash plates banned in 2025

“In less than two years there will be thousands of tankers left potentially redundant, having not been converted to work with a precision applicator to adhere to the splash plate ban. Tramspread has a universal method to retro-fit dribble bar and trailing shoe applicators to tankers, explains managing director Terry Baker.”

Tramspread is able to retro-fit its Suffolk range dribble bar systems, with working widths of 6 metres to 10.5 metres, to most sizes and brands of tanker. The key is a clever four-point attachment that critically does not mount to the door of the tanker.

“Rust can form around doors, and the hinges are often not secure enough to fit dribble bars to.  By welding a four-point attachment to the body of the tanker, we provide new fixing points on the rear of the tanker that the boom framework attaches to using telescopic arms,” says Mr Baker.

Around 88% of ammonia (NH3) emissions in the UK come from agriculture. This occurs through open storage, but also through the use of splash plates.  Nitrogen, in the form of ammonia, is lost from organic manure when it comes into contact with air, particularly on warm or windy days. The 2025 splash plate ban seeks to reduce this and will be followed by a 2027 initiative that will expect all slurry to be covered. To help with the cost, The Rural Payment Agency is offering ‘Annex 3 :FEFT 2023 productivity and slurry eligibility items grants’ to help farmers comply with the clean air strategy.

“Many farmers and contractors have already embraced precision application as it improves overall nutrient management and has the potential to reduce reliance on manufactured fertiliser. However, for those who have not updated their applicator there are grants available and retrofitting an old tanker is a cost-effective option that will help the farm comply with the 2025 splash plate ban,” he concludes.

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