DLG-certified cameras standard on all Krone front mowers

  • All of Krone’s current front mower models now come fitted as standard with a DLG-certified (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft e.V.) camera system

Each package comprises two cameras and one display screen with the appropriate leads. The split-view screen displays two camera feeds simultaneously, which allows the tractor driver to manage all tight spots safely and without a helper.

The DLG certification procedure was carried out for each individual front mower model, including the small front mounted camera systems introduced in 2000.

Every tractor driver is aware of the challenges front mounted mowers can create – especially in confined spaces such as in narrow yards or where there are obstacles such as field gates. The bigger the tractor the trickier the situation, which is only compounded by legislation that  requires a helper if the combination measures more 3.5m from the tractor steering wheel to the front end of the mounted machine.