Downtime protection tools for new CVT tractors

  • Models in STEYR® flagship tractor series can now be protected against downtime
  • Package helps to minimise ownership cost, maximise productivity and protect investment
  • Includes additional support from both dealer and manufacturer plus training for tractor operators

Owners of STEYR® Terrus CVT tractors, which are all fitted as standard with S-Fleet telematics hardware and a three-year telematics subscription, now have a new way to enhance the performance of their businesses, with the introduction of STEYR S-Tech Protect.

S-Tech Protect blends handover training, a yearly performance check, S-Fleet telematics solutions, tools for precision farming, connected services such as the STEYR remote service tool to maximise uptime, premium service to activate STEYR support for urgent repairs and a STEYR Protect three-year extended warranty (country-specific options available).

Upon delivery, a customer receiving a new Terrus CVT will benefit from complete instruction in operation, from daily maintenance checks to external controls, interior operating features and how to get the best from the armrest and the CVT transmission. Areas including remote valves and hydraulic settings, PTO features and constant engine speed, EasyTronic II headland management and S-Fleet telematics features are also covered.

An annual 200-points inspection is another element of S-Tech Protect to ensure each Terrus CVT tractor is ready for the coming season. STEYR dealer technicians check all critical areas, from the engine and its after-treatment system to the tractor’s powertrain, steering, brakes, wheels/tyres, hydraulics/hitch and PTO, before carrying out a test drive.

In the event of any breakdown or issue, STEYR Premium Service is an integral element of S-Tech Protect. Prioritized parts sourcing and/or repair help to get the tractor back to work as quickly as possible.

S-Tech Protect allows STEYR dealers to proactively resolve issues by remotely monitoring critical machine data with the owner’s permission. Remote support also includes remote diagnosis which permits both dealer and customer to save time and money. Using the remote service tool, diagnostics, software updates and fault code clearances can be done remotely, eliminating any need for technician travel or tractor transfer to the dealer. With remote display viewing, farm owners/managers and dealer technicians are able to see the tractor display and guide the operator through the menu.

The farm management capabilities of S-Fleet software enable users to view, edit, manage, analyse and use precision farming data. A three-year telematics subscription is part of S-Tech Protect. In addition to data automatically received from the tractor’s Infomat 1200 display, data from other sources such as agronomists can be imported via S-Fleet software.

Fleet management capabilities allow multiple users within the customer organization to locate machines, all from a single website and via the S-Fleet app. This real-time visibility of machine data helps users co-ordinate machine logistics, optimising management from maintenance to fuel filling.

“S-Tech Protect groups together the best STEYR workshop, field and remote services into a unique offering, to help deliver maximum Terrus CVT performance and uptime,” says Benoit Gottrand, STEYR Europe service director.

“Our aim is to provide customers with a single all-inclusive package that helps them minimise total cost of ownership and comprehensively protect their investment for no unplanned cost over three years.”