Drop in tractor sales

  • The AEA reports that for the first time since October 2020, UK registrations of agricultural tractors (over 50hp) fell below their level a year before in September, by 3%

The organisation added that given the total for September 2020 was the highest for that month since 2013, this year’s total of 1,159 was still a strong performance.

AEA Agricultural economist Stephen Howarth said of the figures, “It was higher than the number of machines registered in September during any of the five years prior to 2020 and was 20% above the average during that period. The total of 9,852 machines registered so far this year is 19% higher than at the same stage last year and 8% above the previous 5-year average.

“This strong performance came despite ongoing disruptions to global supply chains, which are delaying delivery of some machines and meaning lead times for new orders are lengthening. Without this, the number of machines registered in recent months would no doubt have been higher still.”