Efficient tramline planning from Lemken

The Azurit 9 precision seed drill allows tramlines to be created with very flexible spacings and rhythms thanks to its DeltaRow concept.

The configurator assists farmers in calculating tramlines, as it determines how many rows need to be switched off where. The Azurit, unlike conventional precision seed drills, uses the unique DeltaRow method, in which each seed row consists of two staggered sub-rows 12.5 centimetres apart. If one of the twin rows is deactivated, the distance between rows increases from 62.5 to 75 centimetres. At the same time, double the amount of seeds is placed in the other twin row, so that the number of grains per square metre remains the same. If the operator deactivates another twin row in the tramline on the other side of the track, the tramline width is increased to 87.5 centimetres. This distance allows farmers to work with wide tyres that protect the soil.

All this is easily planned with the tramline configurator, which only needs the implement working width, the track width and the distance of plants to the tyre edge to be entered. The benefits for farmers are obvious: All tracks are placed correctly, there is less risk of driving into tramlines incorrectly during crop care measures, crop and quality losses caused by passes are minimised, and ultimately the overall area output is increased.

The tramline configurators for the Azurit 9 and the seed drills of the Solitair 25 series are available for use with any terminals, free of charge, at tramline.lemken.com.