Electric mini excavator and instruction video developments earn EIMA Innovation Award mentions

  • Zero-emissions, low-noise electric mini excavator offers significant operating benefits
  • QR codes provide immediate access to combine instruction videos

Alongside an award for its telehandler attachment-levelling development, two further New Holland innovations have received a mention in the EIMA Innovation Awards ahead of EIMA 2022, to be held in Bologna from November 9-13.

New Holland’s new range of compact 360-degree mini excavators includes the E15X Electric Power, a battery electric-powered machine with a single electric motor powering the hydraulic pump that feeds both the drivetrain and the hydraulic functions. As a zero-emission vehicle with very low operating noise, it is well-suited to working in all applications, but particularly in areas with requirements for regulations on emissions and noise. The machine suits applications from agriculture and horticulture to landscaping and general digging and demolition tasks in indoor or confined workspaces.

The E15X Electric Power features a 21.5kWh Li-Ion battery and a motor that reaches 16kW peak power. This combination offers the capacity for four continuous and intensive hours of work on a single charge, or – depending on the workload – as much as an entire working day. The battery can be charged in 10 hours with a 220V / 1.8kW on-board system, or in 1.5 hours with a 380V / 10kW off-board fast charger. Machine specification includes three different work modes to adjust engine speed, plus selectable electro-hydraulic control modes, that allow the independent adjustment of each single movement of the machine, as well as attachment flow setting.

Dedicated software constantly monitors and governs the machine’s required oil flow, acting directly on the engine speed. It does this by detecting the instant movement of the joysticks and sets engine speed accordingly, minimizing demand on the hydraulics and, therefore, the battery.

Ultra-compact dimensions are a further key feature of the machine, with an extendable undercarriage which reduces overall width to just 79cm, and a foldable roll-bar that cuts overall height to less than 150cm.

The E15X features pre-set Eco, Standard and Power work modes, plus pre-set control modes, Precision, Normal, Productivity and Individual configuration that allows each single movement of the machine to be independently adjusted. Its environmental credentials are further enhanced by its use of eco-friendly biological hydraulic oil, which also extends service intervals, and by the use of cobalt-free lithium batteries.

“We are particularly proud of this special mention that takes into account not only the innovative technology behind the E15X Mini Excavator but also the environmental impact.” Says Giuseppe Fabbri, Head of Excavators & Electrification CNH Industrial Construction segment.

“E15X is really green not only because of its zero-emissions power source, but also because it uses exclusively bio hydraulic oil. Zero emissions, fast recharge time and full customization are the key features of this new product.”

To significantly improve and speed up access to instructional information for combine operators, a development for New Holland combines allows QR codes to be displayed on the screens of the machines’ IntelliViewTM operating terminals, providing an immediate link to relevant instructional videos. Scanning the code with a smartphone then provides fast, easy access to the video. As an example, when the operator is working in a screen that is related to setting up the IntelliSenseTM automation system, a QR code will be displayed that provides immediate access to a link that will open up the relevant video.

The advantage of sourcing instruction and help via QR codes is that they guide the operator immediately to the video with the required instructions, saving considerable time when compared to finding relevant information in any other source, such as a traditional operator’s manual. By making it easy to access the right information, it is more likely to be used more often, leading to more efficient use of the machine’s capabilities. When new instructional videos are released or existing ones are refreshed, updated and new QR codes can simply be incorporated into the machine’s software when updated, ensuring users always have access to the latest instructions.

“We are delighted to see the innovative spirit of New Holland engineers recognized by this EIMA Innovation Award Mention,” says Lars Sørensen, Head of Combines of New Holland.

“Customers often try to find instructional videos online but are many videos on the internet and finding the exact right one can require time. QR Codes simplify the process and they are a clear illustration of New Holland’s commitment to its customers and to the environment around them.”