Enhanced compact & push trailer and revitalised trailer range at LAMMA24

  • Two unveiled significant advancements with the upgraded Compact & Push Trailer and the newly relaunched Warwick Trailer range at LAMMA 2024
  • These developments represent a major stride in Ktwo’s ongoing effort to redefine performance, durability, and efficiency in agricultural machinery

Ktwo has introduced their new version of its Compact & Push Trailer, renowned in the market for its innovative design and efficiency. Founder Terry Kelloway highlights the innovation behind this design, “The integration of the Curve tipper style body in our trailers significantly bolsters their longitudinal strength, ensuring they maintain squareness and rigidity during compaction or ejection, which keeps the pusher grain tight and ensures tight seals on the headboard.”

This redesign emphasises manufacturing efficiency with a streamlined production process supported by jig-based construction. This method not only speeds up manufacturing but also reduces the number of parts required, effectively lowering the overall weight of the trailer. This allows customers to transport more while staying within the 31-ton gross weight limit. The Compact & Push Trailer has consistently been a major highlight at LAMMA, and the 2024 event was no exception.

The relaunch of the Warwick Trailers range at LAMMA24 is a key milestone for Ktwo, reflecting the company’s response to customer demands and its commitment to supporting its dedicated dealership network. The Warwick range now includes the new Eco spreader, previously part of the Ktwo range and the first spreader for the Warwick Trailer brand. Designed specifically for smaller scale farmers, the Eco spreader, and the entire Warwick Trailers range maintain the high-quality finish that Ktwo is known for.

Ktwo’s exhibition at LAMMA24 was a resounding success, drawing significant attention and excitement, especially for the Warwick Trailers range and the enhanced Ktwo Compact & Push Trailer. The stand was constantly surrounded by visitors, particularly interested in the Compact and Push Trailer and the Eco spreader. LAMMA24 provided an excellent platform for Ktwo to showcase its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the agricultural machinery industry.

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