Extremely fast, easy to use and very powerful EasyWrap 165 T from Krone

  • KRONE has added a new machine to its round bale wrapper programme: the new double-arm EasyWrap 165 T which follows the EasyWrap 150 launched in summer 2020.
  • Wrapping 1.00-1.65m diameter bales, the 165 T is a truly high-capacity machine where a double arm orbits around the bale for wrapping
  • The machine lifts up to 1,650kg bales and wraps them at speeds of up to 40rpm achieving maximum efficiency and daily productivity.

Controlled from a cab-based ISOBUS terminal, the wrapper offers convenient and straighttforward operation to suit professional standards. Naturally, all major machine functions including film roll replacement can also be executed manually from a separate operator panel on the machine.

The wrapper couples to the tractor linkage with the help of a headstock that swings into position and couples to the lower link arms. A practical hose holder helps connecting the oil lines and protects them from getting damaged in work. The slim drawbar and compact design make the EasyWrap 165 T a very agile machine that also offers excellent visibility.

The hydraulic drawbar can swing to the side for optimum bale collection. Equally convenient is the changeover from road to work position by a touch of a button. An optional version of the drawbar provides stowage for ten spare film rolls – for maximum efficiency on long working days.

A sturdy arm places the bale gently and in a controlled way on to the wrapping table. Adjusting the arm to the size of the bale is easy and takes no tools. As another advantage, the machine can pick up the next bale while keeping the finished bale on board, thus serving as a bale collector.

The wrapping table is formed by four strong textile belts which effectively roll the bale – no matter its size of weight. The bale sits in a deep cradle and is held in position by four bobbins (six as an option). Wrapping is triggered automatically by a sensor plate. The film is 750mm wide and offers a pre-stretch of either 55% or 70%.

After the operator entered the number of film layers and the bale size to the terminal, the system calculates the actual number of layers. When the film ends or breaks, the table stops instantly (it is also possible to continue wrapping with only one film roll in action). When wrapping is resumed, the bale will not roll before the wrapping arm has completed its first round, a provision than ensures optimum overlaps and best forage quality.

Another technical highlight is the angle sensor which monitors the wrapping arm. This technology requires no timed control as it is typically used on competitor wrappers. The use of this sensor technology leads to perfect results and uniform overlaps, also when operating the wrappers on different tractors.