Farmers test out the Axial-Flow in Morocco

  • Around 75 farmers have taken part in a demonstration of the new Axial-Flow 4088 in Morocco, as part of the product’s official launch

Designed in the USA and built in Case IH’s manufacturing facility in Harbin, China, the Class 4 Axial-Flow 4088 combine harvesters incorporate a high level of American-made components.

According to Case IH Business Manager for West Africa Region, Hassib Thabet, farmers in Morocco are contending with larger fields and longer work days and require powerful machinery to get through their harvests efficiently.

“Moroccan farmers need a reliable, fast, and productive machine to get every grain in the tank as fast as possible,” Mr Thabet said. “In this respect, the Axial-Flow 4088 is way ahead of any other combine present in Morocco today.”

“The Axial-Flow 4088 provides the highest productivity of any combine in its class, and at the same time reduces the time and expense of maintenance.”

With its rotary threshing system, maintenance on the Axial-Flow is quick and easy. Daily maintenance can be conducted in considerably less time than it would take for a conventional harvester, so the Axial-Flow 4088 can be in the field and ready to go earlier each day.

“The simple design of the Axial-Flow 4088 allows it to be quickly adapted to different harvesting requirements, field conditions and crops, making them the perfect choice for contractors and farmers with multiple crops,” Mr Thabet said.

“Owners can move from corn, to wheat, to sorghum in hours, compared with almost two days for conventional or hybrid combines, so more time is spent harvesting and seasonal output is increased.

“Axial-Flow 4088 combines are very easy to use, so even operators who are new to the Axial-Flow concept can quickly learn how to harness their full potential,” Mr Thabet said.

“Customers who got to test drive the Axial-Flow 4088 at our demonstration day were impressed by the simplicity and speed of work, and most importantly were thrilled with the quality of the grain in the tank,” he said.


The demonstration was conducted in demanding conditions, with the wheat crop yielding between nine and 10 tonnes per hectare. The Axial-Flow 4088 was able to make the most of this high-yielding crop with a fast, efficient harvest which protected grain quality. This demonstrates the swift return on investment farmers can achieve with Case IH’s latest combine harvester offering in Morocco.


Also part of the demonstration day was the SB531 small square baler, which produces 36cm x 46cm bales.