Fast and precise with the Precea 6000

The 3-point linkage mounted, high-speed precision air seeder with its over-pressure singling system is perfect for sowing row crops such as maize, soya, sunflowers, beet, rape or sorghum. In future, the rigid Precea 6000 and the folding Precea 6000-2 will be available.

Both models can be supplied either without under-root fertiliser application or, as the CC option, with a rear fertiliser tank. The Precea 6000-2FCC offers increased fertilisation efficiency by utilising the FTender front tank. The 6 metre model will initially be available only in limited numbers for spring 2021.

The Precea 6000 is available in a rigid execution or, as the Precea 6000-2, with a folding frame. The 8 to 9 singling units are arranged on a special carrying frame where, due to the profile of the rail, the units can be freely moved. This allows the operator to change the spacing for up to 12 rows depending on the level of equipment and the seed requirements. Additional options, such as tractor wheel mark eradicators or a loading board to aid fertiliser filling, can be attached irrespective of the pre-set row spacing. The lifting power requirement is low owing to its short, compact design.

The singling system in the Precea is based on overpressure. The seed hopper and the entire metering unit are pressurised by a blower fan. The seed is fed from the seed hopper to a singling disc, which then hermetically seals the metering unit as the seed is pressed onto the holes in the disc. Precise singling is then ensured via the following three stripper fingers. The seed then reaches the propulsion channel, where the contact pressure is stopped and the grain is shot precisely into the seed furrow and caught by the catcher roller. An optical sensor closely monitors the singling process and reports any misses or doubles to the tractor terminal. The stripper system can then be easily adjusted. Fully automatic, electric stripper finger adjustment via SmartControl is another positive development step.

Single row shut-off is also integrated in the electric drive of the over-pressure singling system in the Precea Super, which means that tramlines can be easily switched or rows can be switched off in wedge shaped fields. Higher sowing rates in marginal rows and when tramlining can be easily adjusted from the tractor cab. In combination with the electric drive, the Precea is capable of singling at speeds of up to 15 km/h.

As an alternative, the rigid Precea 6000 is available as the Special variant with SpeedShaft mechanical singling drive. The singling disc is now driven via a Flex shaft. In combination with the very easy to drive, over-pressure singling system, forward speeds of up to 12 km/h can be achieved in this variant without compromising the distribution along the row.

The newly developed PreTeC mulch seeding coulter can be mechanically loaded with a coulter pressure of up to 220 kg. The hydraulic option enables the pressure to be adjusted up to 350 kg directly from the tractor seat whilst on the move. This ensures smooth running and uniform field emergence when used for both sowing after the plough and when mulch sowing.

The coulter unit can be quickly adapted to the specific field requirements without the need for tools. The placement depth can be individually adjusted and the coulter unit moved to the parking position via a notched quadrant when the machine is set down. The contact pressure and the opening angle of the V-pressure rollers can also be adjusted very easily without the use of tools. The complete coulter unit is readily accessible and the maintenance-free bearings and bushings are optimally protected from dust.

The seed hoppers of the Precea have a capacity of 55 l and 70 l. A rubber lip protects the pressurised tanks against the ingress of dust. The metering unit is easily accessed and the unit can be quickly emptied without the need for tools. The seed chute, which is part of the delivery, can be mounted on both sides of the singling unit. In addition to the seed hoppers, an additional micro-granular applicator with electric metering can be mounted for each row.

The Precea 6000-CC and 6000-2CC have a large fertiliser hopper, with a capacity of either 950 l or 1,250 l, for reduced downtimes and quick and easy filling. The twin-tip hopper profile ensures low residual quantities and effective fertiliser metering. Metering is provided individually for each row via the Precis metering system, which is adjusted via the SmartCenter control panel. The fertiliser can be calibrated centrally and collected via a calibration tray, removed on the left-hand side and weighed. In conjunction with the electric metering unit, the calibration can also be performed directly down at the machine via the optional TwinTerminal. The fertiliser is actively conveyed to the depth-adjustable FerTeC Twin double disc coulter via an air flow and placed in the ground beside each sowing row.


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