Feeder range updates and goes electric

  • A host of updates are available across Kverneland’s Siloking feeder range, including a new range of battery-powered eTrucks, a stepless auger gearbox on trailed models and the ability to run self-propelled diesel models on HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

This second generation of Siloking eTruck models now includes capacities from 12-20 cubic metres, and unlike its predecessor, the latest range has been designed from the outset around a robust, high-tech 20 cube model.

The revised design concept is said to make it easier to produce smaller eTruck models, using the same engineering featured in the range-topping 20 cube machine, rather than upscaling a 12-cube model into larger capacity versions.

With a high-tech approach, the eTruck sheds its former lead-acid battery power in favour of advanced battery technology with lithium ion phosphorous cells, creating a 96-volt battery-electric vehicle (BEV). This advanced BEV technology affords low-noise, zero-emission feeding that can deliver from two to four mixings without recharging, and offer a projected battery life of 3,000-5,000 full charge cycles.

The eTruck uses Siloking’s 4.0 SelfLine cab, though centrally mounted at the front of the eTruck chassis. Prices start at £188,000 for the 12 cubic metre capacity eTruck 2012.

High capacity TrailedLine mixers, which offer twin and triple auger designs, are available with Variospeed – a stepless gearbox that is said to require less horsepower to drive and need a lower start-up torque to engage. It is a development that allows larger capacity mixers to be operated without the need for ever more powerful tractors.

Three pre-defined auger speeds can be selected to suit cutting, mixing and emptying, with push-button control available, along with remote activation from the telehandler used for loading. The benefits of Variospeed can include reduced fuel consumption, easier speed changes for enhanced mixing efficiency, plus lower driveline vibration.

Working with its engine supplier, Siloking has thoroughly tested and approved the use of HVO fuel in its self-propelled feeder wagons. Compared to diesel, HVO has been proven to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 per cent, and can be used as a direct replacement to fossil diesel.

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