Fendt Cargo T telehandler in action

First launched at Agritechnica in 2019, the Fendt Cargo T955 telehandler has a unique lifting cab and tough, durable build, and with a load of 5.5 t and a lifting height of 8.5 m.  Since mid-July, customers have been able to try out the Fendt Cargo T955 for themselves in live one-to-one demonstrations.

The Fendt Cargo T955 combines the advantages of a conventional telehandler – lifting height, reach, low body height, high manoeuvrability while being incredibly stable – with the performance characteristics of a wheel loader in the same weight class.

Features such as the extremely robust steel construction, the enormous thrust characteristics, a maximum load capacity of 5.5t and the Z-kinematics for outstanding breakaway torque, make it the “wheel loader among the telehandlers”.

The Fendt Cargo T955 has a unique lifting cab that can be raised to a viewing height of 4.25 m. Just lifting the cab by a mere 20 to 30 cm gives you the best 360° all-round view, the likes of which have only been seen on wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders. There is no dashboard to obstruct the lower part of the continuous windscreen, instead, you have a floor-to-ceiling view of your surroundings. Together with the lifting cab, this gives the driver the perfect view of the attachment tool in almost every working position. Loading is even more precise and the driver stays comfortable on long working days. The cab is vibration dampened, so the driver can enjoy the levels of driving comfort we have come to expect from Fendt. The drive intelligently regulates the power distribution offering variable driving speeds of up to 40 km/h.

This telehandler comes with various tyre options for predominant use on solid ground and with wide field tyres for heavy field use.

Optional equipment for the Fendt Cargo T955 includes various towing devices and a compressed air system for the trailer brake. This makes the telehandler highly flexible for transport use.

The Fendt Cargo T is also available with a height-adjustable hitch with automatic tow bar, a ball-type coupling or Piton-Fix system. Another option is the pick-up hitch, which is widely used on the UK market.

The weighing function of the Fendt Cargo T gives you full control over the loaded volume, so you can use the full capacity of the transport vehicle when loading grain. The weighing function can be used dynamically during the lifting process. This makes loading highly efficient, as you do not need to stop the process to check the weight. All the data for specific loading, counter and target weight is shown permanently on the 5″ touchscreen, for precision loading.


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