Fendt increases grass kit options ahead of season

  • New generation of Fendt Former 14055 PRO with auto tine height adjustment and widths to 13.5m
  • Tine and roller conditioner models join the Fendt Slicer 860 mower range

Fendt has launched several changes to key grass kit models with automated adjustments, additional optional extras, and technology functions to increase operational efficiencies for its equipment.

An updated version of Fendt’s largest Former 14055 PRO four rotor rake features a new auto adjust tine height system that changes the position of the tines in relation to forward speed. The contractor-spec rake features flexHIGH auto raking height adjustment, that will reduce forage losses and contamination by matching tine height to the tractor’s speed. As the speed increases, the system lowers the rotors to control the distance between the tines and the field. As the speed drops, the rotors are raised to prevent forage contamination. Fendt’s gapControl monitors the overlap between the front and rear rotors with the information shown on the display. A warning sound will help prevent forage loss around corners, helping to maximise the working width.

A new myMemory function can help operators shorten set up and folding times by logging previously saved settings into a memory that can be activated at the touch of a button. Settings such as working width, swath width and raking height can all be saved to the integrated system, allowing the rake to automatically return to the correct parameters, reducing the potential for operational errors.

Elsewhere, flat sealing hydraulic couplings are now available to allow high flow rates and prevent pressure loss, while new guarding helps keep debris away from the hydraulic components. Finally, a new LED light package illuminates the rotors, enabling operators to keep tabs on the four rotors after dark.

Fendt’s rear-mounted Slicer 860 butterfly mowers are now available with tine or roller conditioners to help shorten wilting times for farmers working in tight weather windows. The Slicer 860 KC tine conditioner works at a slower speed, helping to reduce fuel use, and the longer tines offer high throughput even in heavy or damp crops. The angle of the counter comb can be adjusted to offer greater control over the wilting process, while the conditioner has been designed to work with the new spur gear cutter bar.

The Slicer 860 RC offers a roller conditioner suited to leafier crops, such as legumes. The two rollers are mechanically driven to guarantee high throughput; the lower roller is driven from the spur gear, whereas the upper roller is moveable and runs from a synchronised drive via gears and universal joints. The contact pressure can be adjusted according to crop conditions via an adjustable spring. Both conditioner options will suit farmers and contractors that have varying crop requirements.

The gears for driving the mowers are now arranged in rows to offer an efficient power curve and the larger gears reduce the rotation time. The larger discs reduce the number of units across the cutting width, helping to lower maintenance requirements, and the blades can rotate 360° on the discs. A new reduced power drive allows a PTO speed of 850rpm in good conditions, helping to increase efficiency and reduce fuel use. The reduced overall weight of the Slicer 860 and 960 models allow the triple mowers to be easily operated by a lower horsepower tractor with a small lift capacity.