Fendt introduces an all-in-one loading wagon the Fendt Tigo VR

  • The Fendt Tigo VR joins Fendt’s expanding product range of all-in-one loading wagons
  • With TIM and the Fendt Stability Control self-levelling feature, the Fendt Tigo VR offers plenty of smart solutions with the same compact dimensions as the Fendt Tigo PR

The two loading wagons Fendt Tigo PR and Fendt Tigo XR are successfully used throughout Europe on large-scale grassland farms and by contractors.

The Fendt Tigo VR series comprises two models – the Fendt Tigo 65 VR with a capacity of 38 m³ and the Fendt Tigo 75 VR with a capacity of 44 m³ (DIN-standard spec). The blades can cut up to 37 mm and their shape results in a long and shearing cut. Both machines have the multifunctional bulkhead with VarioFill as standard.

The Fendt Tigo VR series combines the loading unit familiar from the Fendt Tigo PR with the mounting measures from the Fendt Tigo XR:

Transportation width: 2,75 meters

Transportation Length: 8,77 meters (Fendt Tigo 65 VR)/ 9,77 meters Fendt (Tigo 75 VR)

Transportation Height: 3,92 meters (Fendt Tigo 65 VR)/ 4 meters Fendt (Tigo 75 VR

With a swinging pick-up working width of 2 meters (DIN-standard spec), the Fendt Tigo suits large farms that rely on self-mechanisation. For a large throughput, the pick-up of the Fendt Tigo VR comes with 7 rows of tines. The larger width means more material can be picked up and makes it easier to drive into the swath. The wide pick-up ensures a high impact even when cornering. The hydraulic drive also promises greater flexibility, steplessly adapting the speed of the pick-up from 70 rpm to 150 rpm depending on the crop and conditions.

Customers also have the chance to purchase the FlexSharp knife sharpener, a familiar feature of the Fendt Tigo XR, for their new Fendt Tigo VR. FlexSharp lets you sharpen the knives in the loading wagon itself, so you don’t have to remove individual blades and grind them by hand. Because you can adapt the series of holes for the sharpener and because it is separate from the loading wagon, this sharpener is also compatible with knives from different customer machines and round or square baler knives.

The optional self-levelling feature Fendt Stability Control ensures safe use on the slope and stable road handling. No matter what the load, the levelling system always provides full suspension to counteract rocking movements. Loading during the harvest is consistent and makes maximum use of the Fendt Tigo’s full capacity.