Field technology on show at the Cereals Event

  • KUHN Farm Machinery has chosen Cereals to display two Aero machines, the 32.1 and GT 60.1 alongside the 12 metre Optimer L12000 disc cultivator and Multi-Leader XT plough
  • The LEXIS 3000 trailed sprayer will also be on show in the demonstration arena

“This year we are hoping to show Cereals visitors the strength in depth KUHN has in the arable sector. In addition to the cultivation machinery, we will also have a range of drills, a Striger 600R strip till machine, and a selection of balers,” says KUHN’s Edd Fanshawe.

The Optimer L is designed for high quality shallow cultivation at operating speeds of 13 to 18km/hour. With a working depth range from 3 to 10cm, it is sufficiently versatile to fulfil a range of roles including enhanced crop residue management, stale seedbed creation and fine seedbed preparation.

Two rows of 510mm diameter discs operate with high rotation speeds and are set at 16˚ horizontal and 6˚ vertical for optimum tilth creation. Discs are available with small notches (for shallow cultivation) or large notches (for deeper soil penetration) and are mounted individually on support arms with each having four integral polyurethane elastomeric blocks to provide protection and depth control. Each disc has a single maintenance-free bearing on the outer side, which – along with an underframe clearance of 55cm – ensures clear flow of residues through the machine and prevents disruptions due to jamming.

Working depth on the Optimer L is hydraulically assisted, allowing simple and accurate adjustments to be made. This is maintained across the full width of the machine through hydraulically controlled pressure on the extension cylinders (KUHN’s Steady Control system).

The Optimer L is fitted with KUHN’s Double-U self-cleaning and anti-clogging roller, designed to provide optimum soil tamping. By turning on the roller at the headlands, the machine maintains stability and minimises any risk of soil compaction in these areas.

Folding through a safe and secure four step process, activated by a mode switch on the control panel, allows a compact transport position (3m width, 4m height). This control panel also includes an operating depth indicator and an extension position guide.

The Aero GT 60.1 is a trailed pneumatic boom spreader available with working widths up to 36 metres.

The Aero GT optimises application rates with a bigger air intake and larger capacity pipes. For example, when spreading urea to 36 metres, application rates of up to 250kg/ha are possible for the Aero GT when travelling at 15kph.

The Aero GT metering system incorporates six individual units that can be shut off independently when using automatic section control (KUHN MULTIRATE 6). When used in combination with a variable rate map, each individual unit can also apply a different fertiliser rate. The possibility of applying a different application rate every six metres across the width of the machine is ideally suited to those farmers who are looking to maximise the control of their inputs.

The Aero GT can be controlled by the CCI 800 or CCI 1200, or the tractor’s own ISOBUS terminal.

Other features include improved kinematics, with calibration being significantly simpler for the operator. In addition, the fan units are fitted with maintenance-free bearings and the material thickness has been increased on the wearing elements, to provide durability, and reducing running costs.

The LEXIS 3000 is an entry level trailed sprayer that is a lower cost, simpler machine, but one which still offers the same efficiency and ease of use as KUHN’s high end models such as the METRIS.

The LEXIS features a 3,000 litre polyethylene tank and a 320 litre rinsing tank, and is available with MTS2, MEA2 and RHPA folding steel or aluminium booms ranging from 18 to 28 metres in width.  TRAPEZIA or EQUILIBRA suspension systems maintain a stable spraying height on rough terrain while an independent anti-whiplash system protects the boom from damage during sudden braking and acceleration.

The LEXIS features KUHN’s DILUSET+ valve system which uses a ‘steering wheel’ type valve to control the machine’s main spraying and flushing circuits and requires 30-50% fewer valve operations compared to many competitor machines. A centralised maintenance area provides easy access to key filling, suction and bowl filters as well as the spraying pump for easier and quicker machine maintenance.

The LEXIS 3000 has a hitch to axle length of 4.05m and an overall width of 2.23m.  When fitted with standard 9.5 x 48 tyres (other tyre sizes are available) the sprayer has a transport height of 3.10m (21m boom) or 3.70m (28m boom).  The 24m model has an unladen weight of 2,057kg.

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