Film binding added to variable chamber balers

  • Film binding option added to variable chamber RB Protec models
  • High-speed tailgate increases output by 6% on Xtra and Protec balers
  • New options for net and film loading to reduce roll changeover times
  • Folding pick-up guide wheels are available in manual and hydraulic versions

 Massey Ferguson has updated its RB round baler series for 2024 to include a quicker tailgate, film binding on its variable chamber Protec balers, and new options for loading net or film rolls onto the baler.

The new high-speed tailgate increases output by up to 6%, allowing an extra four bales per hour to be produced. It is included as standard on all Xtra and Protec models helping to improve baler performance.

MF’s RB V Protec balers can now be fitted with film binding, which follows the option on fixed chamber Protec models last year. As part of this, machines with film binding are fitted as standard with the Rapid Reload system, which allows three rolls to be positioned on a rotating frame near the binding area. When one roll is finished, the operator rotates the frame from the side of the machine to use the next full roll, without needing to lift a new roll into place. This means that changeovers can take minutes, helping to increase baler output, with three rolls providing most users with a full day of baling. Contractors using the Rapid Reload system can store two film rolls and one net roll in the rotator, depending on their customer’s requirement.

MF’s Easy Load System (net tying), Comfort Load and new Eco Load are options for loading rolls onto the baler. Comfort Load uses a sliding tray to lift rolls and present them to the Rapid Reload system at the correct angle, which also helps prevent damage. Eco Load allows users to manually lift rolls up to the binding area without the use of the tray.

For 2024, the auto tailgate function, integrated bale weighing system, and the HayBoss moisture meter, are three popular features that can now be ordered individually on new machines, without the requirement to select the option as part of a larger specification package.

New foldable pick-up guide wheels are available in both manual and hydraulic versions making it quicker to switch between road and field. These don’t require the wheels to be manually lifted and now fold on a pivot in front of the baler’s pick-up. In the cab, a new Bale Control Pro terminal replaces the E-Link Pro. The new unit runs through the well-known MF Fieldstar 5 terminal and provides operators with a higher resolution display, along with increased functionality and familiarity.

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