Film binding increases versatility of Fendt Rotana combi balers

  • Film on film binding is now an option on Fendt’s Rotana fixed chamber combination round balers

Traditionally a net only machine, the Rotana 130F Combi now features both film and net binding options and the operator can easily switch between the two products in the field. The innovative film binding technique means farmers only have one waste product to dispose of when opening the bales.

To switch between net and film, the operator alters a setting on the in-cab terminal to bring the two clever merging arms into work. These open the plastic film on entry to the 1.25m chamber to spread it across the full width of the bale for complete coverage. Conversely, when the bale is finished, the merging arms retract and gather the film into a bunch making it easier and quicker for the knife to cut a reduced surface area of film.

Three 1,380mm-wide wrap or net rolls can be stored on the Rotana 130F and the Easy Load System reduces manual handling associated with loading rolls. The system features a diagonally folding arm for the operator to load from ground level, before lifting the arm back up and into the support for delivery into the chamber.

The chamber itself features 18 PowerGrip steel rollers to guarantee consistent compression throughout the bale formation, regardless of the crop. There is also a locking latch on the rear door to ensure it closes fully and bale compression isn’t affected.

Other benefits of film binding include added protection against frost damage during storage.