Flagship tractor range launched at Agritechnica

  • Massey Ferguson has announced the launch of the new large frame MF 9S series, which includes six models with powers from 285hp to 425hp
  • All models feature the innovative Protec-U design, the Dyna-VT transmission, best-in-class visibility from the new cab, while the flagship model has an unladen power-to-weight ratio of 25.4kg/hp

The new MF 9S range replaces the outgoing MF 8700 S series and all six models are powered by an updated six-cylinder, 8.4-litre AGCO Power engine, with Engine Power Management (EPM) offering up to 30hp extra for all models, except the flagship 9S.425.

Models start with the MF 9S 285, which offers a max power of 285hp as standard with a max EPM power of 315hp, while torque output is 1,250Nm@1,500rpm at max power, and rises to 1,400Nm@1,500rpm with EPM. The largest model is the MF 9S.425, which has a max power of 425hp and max torque of 1,750Nm@1,500rpm.

Updates to the engine include a new turbocharging design with a single advanced turbo replacing the twin turbo system, while it complies with Stage V emissions regulations using a simplified All-In-One system of DOC, SCR and SC, without the need for an EGR valve.

To increase the time between fill ups, the 660-litre fuel tank is 10% larger than previous models, while the engine is also designed to run on HVO fuel to offer users the option to run more sustainable fuels.

As standard, the new models are fitted with MF’s renowned Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission that offers new power management to deliver additional power and torque compared with previous models. Central to this is a separate hydraulic oil reservoir that eliminates the risk of contamination and helps extend service life.

The new MF 9S features the Protect-U cab design with an 18cm gap between the cab shell and the bonnet to reduce heat, noise and vibration transfer to the cab, resulting in a 69dBa working environment, which is one of the quietest on the market. Not only this, the 3.4m³ cab offers best-in-class visibility with a 6.6m² glass area, and a new wiper now covers 72% of the area.

Instead of a traditional dashboard, the new MF 9S has a digital vDisplay on the cab’s A-pillar which shows tractor information and allows settings to be changed via a rotary knob on the steering column. Without a dashboard, and the tractor’s wasp-like bonnet design, forward visibility has been greatly improved over the outgoing tractors.

All models come in Exclusive specification only, which offers a Premium specification seat with large armrest, Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal and Multipad joystick, to allow easy adjustment of settings on the go. The new cab features a cooled storage compartment under the passenger seat, while the ventilation system offers 14 outlets to suit operator preference.

An optional Professional Package provides an air hose connection and electrical supply mounted near the steps, along with a removable toolbox, hose, air gun and torch. A new 360° LED lighting package offering 23 work lights is also an option.

For the first time, the MF flagship range is available with an integrated central tyre inflation system (CTIS) to reduce soil compaction and fuel use and allow operators to change pressures to suit working conditions. The system is controlled through the Datatronic 5 or Fieldstar 5 terminals. It uses two 650 litre/min compressors, which take just four minutes to increase pressure in a typical set of VF 710/75R42 + VF 620/75R30 tyres from 0.8 bar to 1.6 bar.

Tractor Implement Management (TIM) is available on the MF 9S series and offers TIM ISOBUS implements to control forward speed and hydraulics on the tractor to improve operations whilst reducing operator fatigue.

MF has also introduced MF AutoTurn on the 9S series. This feature automatically steers the tractor into the next wayline on headland turns, while AutoHeadland can automatically start and stop two headland sequences, helping to improve accuracy and repeatability.

An unballasted weight of just 10,900kg, the MF 9S.425 offers a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of just 25.4kg/hp. The lightweight design increases the overall payload and, for heavy draft work, the tractors can be ballasted up to 18,500kg, which offers a power-to-weight ratio of 64.9kg/hp for the MF 9S.285

A Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 16t at 50km/h, which is 1t more than the MF 8700 S, and Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of up to 50t (depending on market), gives users more options to adapt weights to specific operations.

A new suspended front axle offers a turning radius of just 5.75m, depending on tyres, while a larger 125mm diameter rear bar axle enables more power to be transmitted to the ground and supports larger loads.

The uprated ECO hydraulic system delivers 205 litres/min at just 1,650 rpm or 270 litres/min at 1,850 rpm, which helps save fuel and cut noise levels. The MF 9S delivers the oil by an open-centre and a closed-centre pump, with a dedicated pump for control valves.

There are also various options for users requiring greater flow for certain implements, including a new dual closed-centre pump option 340 litres/min at 1,650rpm or 400 litres/min at 1,850 rpm capable of powering six valves with varying flow rates. Alternatively, a new configuration with six valves enables a single ¾” coupler to provide a flow of 170 litres/min, while the five others still deliver 140 litres/min. Decompression levers for easy disconnection are standard and a larger 101-litre hydraulic tank offers greater capacity to run demanding implements.

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