Focus on application flexibility at AgriScot

  • G T Bunning and Sons will highlight how application flexibility and reduced soil compaction can be achieved through running wider flotation tyres on its manure spreaders to extend spreading windows

On its AgriScot stand will be a Bunning Lowlander 150 HY HBD featuring a set of BKT 900/60 R42 VF flotation tyres to help reduce soil compaction when conditions are less than favourable. The spreader has been purchased by a farmer in Aberdeenshire and features Isobus with weigh cells to increase accuracy and simplify in-field rate changes.

Being able to apply valuable manures at the optimum time will help make the most of each application and reduce the need to store heaps in preparation for a contractor. Ben Johnson, UK and Ireland sales manager at G T Bunning and Sons, says farmers with a consistent supply of manure could benefit from owning a spreader with wider flotation tyres.

“Spreading in perfect conditions isn’t always possible, and wider tyres can help operators apply nutrition to crops when they need it, helping with the overall field management. The flexibility to spread little and often, rather than save it up for a concentrated spreading window, as well as running a spreader on existing tractors, will have an appeal for many farmers.”

Mr Johnson continues: “Weigh cells allow the operator to enter a target rate into the controller, which the spreader will then achieve by controlling the floor speed in relation to the tractor’s forward speed. This technology, coupled with the wider flotation tyres, offers users the best chance to apply nutrition at the right time for the crop and the soil.”

Bunning will be on stand 215 Uplands Hall at AgriScot.

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