Foldable AVR ridger meets demand for mechanical weed control

Respectfully using our soils and cultivating efficiently are key for a sustainable agricultural sector. Both private individuals – who determine demand in supermarkets – and governments are calling for a change of techniques, which is clear from the fact that all manner of chemical crop protection products and weed killers are rapidly and increasingly being prohibited.

Mechanical weed control is more and more an essential part of our cultivation technique and is no longer limited to biological cultivation.

For years now AVR has been successfully designing and selling its combination machine, which consists of a base chassis with a characteristic weight transfer system, to which different elements can be added. This way the machine can be used as a speed ridger, hoe-rake ridger or eco ridger. The eco ridger and hoe-rake ridger ensure environmentally friendly mechanical weeding on the ridge sides.

The eco ridger scrapes off the weeds, applies a fine layer of soil and finishes by reforming the ridges (i.e. the ideal machine for ridging in several steps). The hoe-rake ridger, on the other hand, ensures a deeper removal of the weeds, which makes it very efficient for use in root cultivation. The speed ridger uses large ridging discs to create large, tightly formed ridges when there is no need for a driven soil cultivation.

To meet the increase in scale in bio cultivation and the increasing demand for a complementary cultivation operation in conventional farming, AVR has introduced a foldable version to be able to remove weeds from even more ridges in one working passage time- and cost-efficiently.

During the previous season, the prototypes were submitted to stringent tests and were subsequently approved. For the 2021 season machines are available with a starting price of 23.100 €.

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