Foragers gets fresh pickup and smartens up

  • The 2023 model year will see the JAGUAR 900 and JAGUAR 900 TERRA TRAC forage harvesters from CLAAS benefit from an optimised PICK UP drive while the JAGUAR 800 series is expanded with new and more powerful models
  • In addition, the CEMIS 1200 terminal with the new GPS PILOT becomes available for all models

It was in 2021 that CLAAS introduced a third, customer-specifiable drive variant for the front attachment on the JAGUAR 900 and JAGUAR 900 TERRA TRAC models in the form of an additional hydraulic drive for the reel of the PICK UP. This drives the reel independently of the intake auger with automatic, variable speed adjustment relative to the ground speed. The result is an efficient raking action at any speed with minimal intake losses and very low wear.

With effect from the 2023 model year, this drive system is enhanced with additional functionality that automatically adjusts the PICK UP speed to the ground speed above 5 km/h.

If the ground speed or the set chop length is changed, the speeds of the pick-up reel and intake auger are automatically matched to the prevailing conditions. This results in an even more consistent crop flow, especially where there are frequent and significant changes in swath thickness. If necessary, both speeds can also be adjusted manually from the cab by the operator in accordance with the requirements of the harvest. This has the benefit that crop feed is even more precise, resulting in a more consistent crop flow through the forager, especially when operating under varying conditions.

Also new is the automatic chain lubrication for the left-side drive of the intake auger and pick-up reel.

With effect from the 2023 model year, the JAGUAR 840 receives the larger Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA Stage V six-cylinder engine already used in the JAGUAR 850. Its ample displacement of 12.8 litres means that engine output for the smallest forage harvester in the current CLAAS product range is increased by 27 hp, taking the maximum output to 435 hp at 1,600 rpm and making significantly greater torque reserves available. The excellent JAGUAR efficiency is maintained as the increased displacement has no effect on the diesel consumption per tonne of throughput.

The JAGUAR 840 has a 730 mm wide feeder unit with four precompression rollers as well as a 750 mm wide chopping cylinder with a diameter of 630 mm. As an option, it can be equipped with the MCC roller corncracker with a sawtooth profile, the MCC MAX with the particularly durable BusaCLAD coating or the MCC SHREDLAGE cracker. It is therefore possible to select the right technology for intensive crop processing across the entire length-of-cut spectrum.

Following the TRION and LEXION, the JAGUAR 900 and 800 can now also be equipped with the new CEMIS 1200 terminal with the newly developed GPS PILOT. As well as representing an alternative to the row sensor when harvesting maize with the ORBIS and the CAM PILOT when harvesting grass, this automated steering system can of course also be used when harvesting whole crop silage or other types of forage crops.

The CEMIS 1200 has a 12-inch screen that provides a 2D and 3D display with a splittable screen, as well as online task management and documentation with data export by means of TELEMATICS or USB stick.

Another new development is the two-stage activation of AUTO PILOT / GPS PILOT and CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE or CRUISE PILOT. After turning and entering the next track, the operator first activates the steering system at the touch of a button and accelerates up to the speed at which the machine is able to make optimal use of the available power; with a second push of the button on the CMOTION lever, CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE or CRUISE PILOT – depending on the system fitted – takes automatic control of the ground speed. This enables faster adjustment to the set engine speed, the most efficient power level and a suitable ground speed. If the pushbutton is pressed down somewhat longer; both functions are activated simultaneously as usual.