Fresh handlers at Agritechnica

  • The Dieci Agri Farmer Hybrid and the Mini Agri -E the first Full- Electric Telehandler from Dieci in HALL 6 / STAND C38

This ground-breaking advancement in the industry marks a significant milestone for Dieci. Thanks to the dedicated research and design efforts of their R&D teams building upon the Hybrid Boost System, Dieci has taken a leap toward a more sustainable and futuristic approach to agricultural work.

Replacing the conventional internal combustion engine with a combination of a diesel engine and a Hybrid Boost System, recognised as an EIMA Technical Innovation Awards winner, the hybrid pack is designed to safeguard the environment by substantially reducing energy consumption.

Maintaining performance levels on par with the standard engine while delivering significant cost reduction, fuel efficiency, and maintenance advantages. An electronic control platform optimises the operation of the transmission, hydraulic system, and Dieci’s innovative Kubota Hybrid Diesel engine ensures maximum power is only utilised when necessary, allowing the system to charge during low-power operations.

Substantial cost savings can be made with this eco-friendly system.  Its self-charging capabilities during work cycles reduce downtime alongside reducing fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions. The system offers excellent operation with a user-friendly interface and the capacity to perform reliably even on a low charge.

The DIECI Hybrid Boost System is at the forefront of the DIECI-e revolution, paving the way for a more environmentally supportive future.

A standout innovation at Agritechnica 2023,  will be the Mini Agri-e the latest telehandler from Dieci. Born from meticulous research and a keen understanding of industry needs, this Dieci telehandler combines renowned operational capabilities with strong green credentials.

It signifies a ground-breaking leap in sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and profitability, addressing environmental concerns and stringent regulations restricting traditional vehicles from indoor areas, industrial plants, low-carbon emission projects, and farming activities.

With this all-electric telehandler, Dieci supports the transition of farm operators to new energy sources, expanding vehicle use while ensuring legal compliance especially with indoor use, high performance, safety and strength, without compromising on speed.

The Mini Agri-e sets a New Standard for Sustainability combining the robust performance of traditional Dieci telehandlers with the added benefits of a fully electric engine, presenting the world’s first 100% green telehandler.

The Mini Agri-e’s innovation results in an efficient, high-performance, fast, robust, and versatile vehicle that harnesses the advantages of electric power while reducing ownership and maintenance costs.

Further adaptability of the Mini Agri-e brings benefits for all market sectors with the E-Modular Powerpack. This modular kit allows the machine to adapt to specific user requirements, seamlessly adjusting to the operational needs of agricultural enterprises, logistics firms, and more, all without compromising performance and speed.

The E-Modular Powerpack uses 1 or 2 lithium batteries (LiFePo4) and enables a full day’s work on a single charge.  This expandable pack even post-purchase optimised costs and efficiency, whilst giving flexibility to the vehicle characteristics based on operational needs.

Easy and rapid changeover of the E-Modular Powerpack can happen in the field and also gives rental businesses the ease and speed of changeover as well as providing the specified vehicle for each operation.

E-Modular Powerpack offers a real solution to the energy transition and ensures productivity and profitability for Dieci customers.

The Mini Agri-e, E-Modular Power Pack and Hybrid Boost System represent a significant step forward in electric telehandlers, benefiting the environment, sector businesses, and industry standards without compromise.

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