Front hopper boosts seeding options

  • Kverneland has introduced the f-drill front hopper for those looking to carry larger capacities of seed or fertiliser, to run with combination outfits

Available as the f-drill Compact and f-drill Maxi, the two versions provide hopper capacities of 1,600 litres and 2,200 litres respectively. Both benefit from Kverneland’s innovative ELDOS electric metering unit complete with hydraulic fan drive, which is capable of delivering application rates from 1-400kg/ha.

“The f-drill is great solution for those looking to boost productivity when placing fertiliser with an eight-row maize drill,” says Kverneland’s seeding specialist Graham Owen. “With its own seed metering unit and 100mm diameter distribution system, the f-drill front hopper is ready to be combined with many different outfits including the Kultistrip, Optima maize drill and Monopill sugar beet drill.”

“When combined with a power harrow drill combination such as the Kverneland e-drill, the f-drill front hopper could also be used as an additional seed hopper to suit companion cropping,” he adds. “Doing so contributes to better balance for the entire combination.”

The generous carrying capacity of the f-drill also enables it to be combined with Kverneland power harrows and a coulter bar, to deliver a compact drilling rig up to 6m wide.

With ISOBUS e-com software, the f-drill provides plug and play functionality through any ISOBUS compatible tractor, using either the tractor terminal, a Universal Terminal, or the IsoMatch Tellus Pro or Tellus GO+ terminals.

A Duo version of the f-drill is also available, and is equipped with two ELDOS metering units and split-hopper capability. Prices start from £21,237 for the 1,600-litre capacity f-drill.

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