Get ahead of harvest with these machinery maintenance tips

  • The Witham Group advises that a few simple maintenance tips will avoid costly repairs and downtime

The summer harvest season is a critical time for farmers and agricultural contractors. It is when they will reap the rewards of their hard work, risk and dedication to their crops and land. However, before harvest can start, machinery needs to be checked to ensure it is ready for the long days and demanding tasks ahead.  A few simple maintenance checks will avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Using the correct quality lubricant extends the life of machinery, helps with fuel economy, and protects all working parts so that maximum capacity is maintained.

UK Lubricant Manufacturer, the Witham Group, have put together a selection of their farming customers’ handy lubrication tips to ensure that all aspects of the various machinery used over the summer months, will be ready and able to perform whatever the conditions.

Make sure the engine oil and filters are changed, oil levels topped up and that the air filter is clean.  All Witham Group’s engine oils are approved to manufacturer specifications and suitable for a range of vehicles.  Qualube Masterfleet is a bestselling ‘one oil suits many’ product that can be used for most heavy-duty diesel engines.

Check the transmission/hydraulic fluid level, change if necessary and replace the filter, ensuring there is no visible degradation to the pipes or fittings.

Witham MD Nigel Bottom said: “Using the correct viscosity and grade ensures the correct operating temperature to avoid overheating. We take pride in recommending the best oil, for the right application.”

Witham Group’s Qualube WBTO and Qualube Agri-Supreme are bestselling Universal Tractor Transmission/Hydraulic Oils and Super Tractor Universal Oils – suitable for many tractor Transmissions and Back-ends.

For specific hydraulic systems, such as self-propelled combines, other harvesters or other hydrostatic driven machines, Witham’s Qualube Hydrapower HV range is suitable for these extreme pressure and heat applications.

When inspecting the combine head for wear and tear and changing the knife sections, use a lubricant for anti-corrosion protection. During disassembly,  grease the mechanism and parts such as long tensioning threads, shafts and bearings using a product such as Prolan Anti Seize Grease which is clean, easy to use, and has the bonus of being kind to the environment and user.

Due to the harsh working environment that harvest machinery operates in, it is important to ensure all pully bearings and belt tensioners are sufficiently lubricated.  We suggest using a high-performance grease for high pressure, high temperature situations such as Qualube Lithium Complex Grease – which can extend service intervals.

Finally, check drive chains for tension and lubrication. Use a good quality, heavy duty non fling, sticky chain oil such as Qualube Chain Oil which contains a dedicated “Anti-Sling” additive manufactured to an ISO 100 viscosity grade. This product will both lubricate and protect the chain.

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