Grinding device without manual readjustment for forage harvesters gets silver at Agritechnica

  • Bernard Krone’s grinding device for forage harvesters awarded silver at the Agritechnica Innovation Awards

Sharp chopper blades guarantee precise cutting and a low percentage of excessive lengths. In order to manually readjust the grindstone, forage harvesters have to undergo maintenance and servicing after around 400 to 450 grinding cycles. This activity takes 30 – 45 minutes per readjustment and, at present, is technically possible roughly three to four times per stone. A not inconsiderable portion of the grindstone is left over as an unusable remainder.

Thanks to the innovative grinding device, the number of grinding cycles can be increased to 2,200 without a single maintenance or servicing activity. The newly designed grindstone holder also enables the entire stone to be used completely. With its new adjustment feature, the encapsulated design additionally offers improved protection against environmental influences, particularly dirt. The innovative grindstone fastening concept reduces the workload and time required for replacement by up to 70 percent.

This significant further development of the grinding device on the forage harvester increases ease of maintenance, which relieves the driver’s or the mechanic’s workload. The harvester’s efficiency is increased because harvesting does not have to be interrupted. The grindstone is used completely, which conserves resources and protects the environment. The easier handling also benefits work safety.

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