HELLA grows its VALUEFIT work lamp series

The safety of the personnel responsible for loading and unloading goods, working in and around the yard, as well as the warehouse or highway, is paramount, which is why original equipment manufacturer and system supplier, HELLA, continues to expand the use of LED technology throughout its range of work lamps.

As a result, HELLA has introduced the VALUEFIT Thermal Management Series, which encompasses six models, four square profile TS variants and two round versions, with the TR classification, and both are available with light power outputs of either 1,700 or 3,000 lumens. These work lamps are supplemented by three LBE light bars in lengths of 500 or 1,000mm.

Designed to operate in the most severe conditions, the Thermal Management Series is able to remain unaffected by extremes of temperatures from +50C to -40C. The black housing and bracket give them a modern and elegant profile, and both the TS3000 and TR3000 achieve an incredible 3,000 lumens at an ambient temperature of 25°C, which makes them one of the most powerful in the VALUEFIT work lamp range.

Despite their compact design, the smaller TS1700 and TR1700 reach 1,700 lumens and this makes them particularly suitable as a halogen substitute, where more light is required, but space is limited. In addition, unlike many other work lamps of this size, both are also ECE R23 approved reversing lamps, which means that operators incorporating this lighting solution are not in breach of Government legislation.

Another notable feature of the series is that they are also equipped with a thermal sensor that adapts to the ambient temperature. This new attribute not only prevents overheating or LED failure, but also increases light output when the ambient temperature is low. In this way the optimum light is given under all conditions and means that even the compact TS1700 and TR1700 versions can achieve an impressive light output of up to 2,000 lumens in cold conditions, making them the most powerful VALUEFIT work lamp of this size. Thanks to the new technology the TS3000 and TR3000 can reach up to 4,800 lumens in these same circumstances.

The ability to adapt to the ambient temperature is particularly advantageous because it naturally tends to be colder at night, when maximum light is at a premium. In cold regions, where the lamp’s lens can be iced up or covered in snow, the stronger light makes it easier to penetrate these conditions, as the heat emitted causes the ice/snow to melt more quickly. In contrast, in warmer environments, which are also often brighter, the work lamp then automatically dims down, extending the life of the LEDs.