High dry matter separation is key to slurry success

  • The Vogelsang XSplit slurry separator exhibited at the 2024 LAMMA event is the first to achieve dry matter content of 40 percent

The screw press machine is therefore capable of producing separated dry matter that is suitable for bedding. Vogelsang’s separation specialist, Andrew Hayhurst says:

“LAMMA visitors saw the XSplit in a variety of configurations, including the Lift Frame Pro, a hydraulic elevated frame on a movable flatbed trailer. With new grants in 2024 we expect separation to be a key to unlocking the benefits of slurry.”

By separating slurry, farmers can reduce the volume being sent to storage and improve the nutrient value of the slurry that is stored. Dry matter can subsequently be used as a soil conditioner or a cost-effective and sustainable bedding material.

“The XSplit is designed and engineered to be both economical to run and easy to maintain. The drive is arranged on the solid matter outlet side, which gives the XSplit an excellent cost-benefit ratio with no need for an extra shaft seal. This reduces both the cost of spare parts and the time required for maintenance work,” explains Mr Hayhurst.

With heavy winter rainfall, uncovered slurry stores have filled faster than many would have expected, especially in areas that have suffered run off due to waterlogging. Separation offers the potential to offset the threat of stores becoming overwhelmed by rainfall and has the added benefit of providing a liquid that is easier to apply to crops.

“The sealing disc in the pressing area of the XSplit ensures optimal resistance to the pressure applied by the press screw and ensures a uniform and reliable plug formation with nearly zero leakage. A range of sieve variants suited to various consistencies is also available, providing accurate separation to help manage slurry more efficiently and sustainably,” he concludes.

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