High-output four-rotor rakes updated

  • Kuhn Farm Machinery has added key features to its high-capacity four-rotor rakes, offering users a hydraulic suspension and driveline, improved operator displays, while GPS rotor section control is available for the first time

The updated 10231 series features two models – GA 13231 and GA 15231 – with working widths from 8.4m to 14.7m. Both four-rotor rakes are available with a hydraulic driveline, offering  a more consistent rotor rotation speed, quieter operation, and improved machine longevity.

Rhodri Jenkins, Kuhn’s grassland product specialist, says the hydraulic drive means the front two rotors also benefit from an integrated BOOST system, as he explains. “The BOOST feature  allows the two front rotors to rotate 20% faster than the rear two, which helps transfer crop quickly into the centre of the machine, enabling the rear rotors to create an airy and uniform swath.”

A new hydraulic suspension system for the front rotors allows greater precision to adapt to changing ground conditions. Coupled to this is a ground pressure adjustment allowing users to  increase or decrease ground pressure of the rotors hydraulically. The hydraulic pressure settings are adjusted in increments through the terminal, making it easy to change the pressure during work.

“These improvements mean operators can adapt quickly to changing terrain to avoid contamination and ensure all crop is gathered cleanly. Individual working width adjustment is now available as standard, increasing the ease of use for these high-output machines,” says Rhodri.

Automatic section control has been introduced on these high-capacity GA models for the first time, offering significant reductions in operator fatigue and increased accuracy to avoid forage  being moved twice and risk contamination.

Each rotor is raised and lowered individually, although manual control is still possible via the control terminal or the ISOBUS CCI A3 joystick. Kuhn’s FC 9330 RA mower conditioner is  also available with section control.

Further updates to the GA models include a new ISOBUS M500 module, which is more powerful and has greater capacity than the outgoing unit. The ISOBUS terminal interface has also been redesigned  to feature icons for individual functions, with additional control through the ISOBUS CCI A3 joystick.

Prices for the GA 13231 start at £88,485.

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