High output trailed mower introduced

  • KUHN Farm Machinery has introduced a new flagship FC 13460 RA trailed mower conditioner aimed at users requiring increased mowing capacity and efficiency from a wider trailed machine

Launched at Agritechnica 2023, the FC 13460 RA features a 12.4-13.4m cutting width, allowing operators to benefit from reduced fuel consumption and lower soil compaction due to covering a wider area with each pass. It also has well-known features from current KUHN machines, such as LIFT-CONTROL and the OPTIDISC ELITE cutterbar.

KUHN’s grassland product marketing specialist, Rhodri Jenkins, says the increased output from running a wider width should be a key consideration for users this season. “The FC 13460 RA offers significantly higher output from a single machine handling large areas and operators can expect a 25-30% wider cut on each pass than a mounted triple mower combination. Added up over a single season, the savings in fuel, labour and time are considerable.”

The FC 13460 RA uses KUHN’s proven OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar featuring the FAST-FIT quick knife system to reduce downtime. The mower features 12 discs on each unit, with improved crop flow and an increased knife overlap to ensure all crop is cut. A greater distance between the discs allows improved crop flow to the rear of the mower and away from the cutting area. Disc skid linings and TRIPLE 5 knives are standard.

Central to the design is an innovative frame that offers constant ground pressure control through the LIFT-CONTROL suspension. The weight of the mower is spread between the tractor’s drawbar and the mower’s axle, with flotation tyres helping to further protect the soil. Users can adjust bed pressure during work and Rhodri explains why this feature is becoming increasingly important to users.

“LIFT-CONTROL allows users to change bed pressures to suit the conditions, helping to protect swards and prevent damage to the mowers, which is especially useful in wetter conditions. Operators can also adjust the pressures to suit field undulations to ensure an even cut and maintain forage quality.”

When fitted with the belt grouper, the FC 13460 RA can produce a swath between 1.8m and 3m wide and group a 13m cut into one row, helping to increase the output of the following baler or forager. The FC 13460 RA is ISOBUS compatible and also available with a CCI 800 or 1200 screen that offers a wide range of implements to be operated through a single terminal. Users can also select the CCI A3 joystick to group up to 30 functions onto a single control. Independent section control of the mowers is only an option through the CCI screens. This feature lifts the mowers automatically to avoid double cutting crop at the end of a run, helping to maintain forage quality and reduce operator fatigue.

Interested buyers can expect units on farm during Q2 of 2024.

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