HORSCH adds 8m to 10m working widths in the Avatar SD range

  • HORSCH is adding 8m, 9m and 10m working width models to its Avatar SD range of direct drills
  • The new models feature the same 25cm row spacing and specifications of the 12m Avatar 12.25 SD model launched last year, allowing the Avatar SD to meet a wider set of customer requirements regarding farm or tractor size

The Avatar 8.25 SD, Avatar 9.25 SD and Avatar 10.25 SD as well as the Avatar 12.25 SD disc drills offer the popular 25cm row spacing. The 3m to 8m Avatar SD models are available with 16.7cm row spacing, with the 8m available in both.

“The 25cm row spacing is proving popular with the very successful 12m model. Customers are reporting little to no detriment in yield in most crops, particularly in winter crops, yet lower input costs. The new models offer these benefits to customers wanting a smaller working width,” highlights Stephen Burcham, General Manager at Horsch UK.

The new models feature a versatile triple tank system with a capacity of 6400 litres. The triple tank offers a 60:10:30 split in capacity while a double-tank option with a 60:40 split is also available. Specifying the MiniDrill allows up to four components to be applied via the SingleDisc seed coulter, providing huge flexibility when drilling and reducing the number of filling stops required.

As an option, trash wheels can be mounted in front of the SingleDisc seed coulters and remove organic matter, as well as stones and clods, from the row. The settings can be adjusted infinitely to the soil conditions by means of a hydraulic cylinder. In situations of high organic matter, the trash wheels significantly reduce the ‘hair pinning’ effect, where the disc coulter could press harvest residues into the seed furrow. This effect can lead to insufficient grain and soil contact.